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S69-27920 (13 March 1969) --- The Apollo 9 crew men walk on a red carpet after arriving aboard the prime recovery ship, USS Guadalcanal. Left to right, are astronauts Russell L. Schweickart, David R. Scott, and James A. McDivitt. They are walking from the recovery helicopter which picked them up from the splashdown area. Splashdown occurred at 12:00:53 p.m. (EST), March 13, 1969, only 4.5 nautical miles from the USS Guadalcanal to conclude a successful 10-day Earth-orbital space mission.
S63-07852 (16 May 1963)--- Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper Jr., pilot of the Mercury-Atlas 9 (MA-9) mission, has a smile for the recovery crew of the USS Kearsarge, after he is onboard from a successful 22-orbit mission of Earth in his spacecraft "Faith 7". Cooper is still sitting in his capsule, with his helmet off. Photo credit: NASA
EDWARDS, Calif. –   Against a setting sun, space shuttle Endeavour undergoes recovery operations on Edwards Air Force Base in California after its landing.  The orbiter convoy normally begins recovery operations in earnest about two hours before the shuttle is scheduled to land. Specially designed vehicles or units and a team of trained personnel “safe” the orbiter and prepare it for towing. Purge and Coolant Umbilical Access Vehicles are moved into position behind the orbiter to get access to the umbilical areas. The flight crew is replaced aboard the orbiter by exchange sup¬port personnel who prepare the orbiter for ground tow operations, install switch guards and remove data packages from any onboard experiments. After a total safety downgrade, vehicle ground personnel make numerous preparations for the towing operation, including install¬ing landing gear lock pins, disconnecting the nose landing gear drag link, positioning the towing vehicle in front of the orbiter and connecting the tow bar. The decision to land Endeavour at Edwards was made due to weather concerns at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  In the 52nd landing at Edwards, Endeavour touched down at 4:25 p.m. EST to end the STS-126 mission, completing its 16-day journey of more than 6.6 million miles in space. Endeavour will be returned to Kennedy atop a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, or SCA, a modified Boeing 747 jetliner.  Photo credit: NASA/Tony Landis, VAFB
Portrait of waiter making cup of coffee at counter in kitchen at café
Man using laptop in coffee shop
Man using laptop while having coffee in coffee shop
Smiling man holding a cup of coffee and reading newspaper in coffee shop
Thoughtful senior man having coffee in kitchen at home
Man with mobile phone reading newspaper in coffee shop
Businessman holding a disposable coffee cup and using mobile phone in the bus
Senior man pouring coffee into cup in kitchen at home
Mid section of man using digital tablet while having coffee in café
Rear view of man using laptop in skateboard arena
Portrait of waitress using cash register at counter in café
Couple using digital tablet and mobile phone at home
Portrait of two smiling men sitting at table in coffee shop
Man using mobile phone in the coffee shop
Male executive taking selfie from mobile phone in cafeteria
Man using mobile phone at table in café
Portrait of waitress holding tray of muffins at counter in cafe
Portrait of woman talking on mobile phone in café
Man with leg injury sitting in skateboard arena
Man with leg injury sitting in skateboard arena
Smiling man talking on the mobile phone and writing in the diary at coffee shop
Business executives applauding during a video conference in the conference room
Portrait of man sitting in skateboard arena
Portrait of smiling man using digital tablet in coffee shop
Portrait of waiter having a cup of coffee at counter in café
Woman standing with arms crossed in kitchen at café
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