Psychedelic Background

Groovy man! It's like the 70s all over again with these far-out psychedelic backgrounds. As ever, these backgrounds are high-quality HD images - all the better for seeing all those colors - and are free to download and use. We've put a lot of effort into curating this category and it shows. Some of these crazy images are actually pretty nice! Don't be put off by the image of psychedelia you have in your head - take a look around and you might be surprised!

Digital Design Fractal
Light Trails at Night
Helix Design Graphic
Digital composition of eye interface

Take a Look Through One of Our Craziest, Most Colorful Categories!

The great thing about these psychedelic backgrounds is that they are not all the same. Sure, some are traditional tie-dye swirls, but others are pretty cool and interesting. They'd make a great psychedelic background for your computer or laptop or, of course, you can download them for mobile and share as much as you want - there's no attribution for these, which means you can edit and share them as much as you like!

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