Add Text to Images Online

Need to add text to images? With PikWizard you don’t need to have extensive graphic design experience to alter photos. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all. Adding text to your images and photos just got super easy.

Creating Text Effects that Help Your Photos Stand Out!

Wonder how to take an image and give it an upgrade? Incorporating text into images can make those images more distinctive and certainly a lot more fun. What happens when using PikWizard in conjunction with Design Wizard’s photo/image editing tools: absolutely stunning and professional-looking results with each and every image you edit.

Step 1: Select the Photos You Want to Edit with Text

PikWizard offers a massive library of stock images and photos that are free to download and use as you see fit. From animals/wildlife to buildings and landmarks, we provide you with an extensive collection--you just need to come up with the perfect text for them.

Step 2: Click on the Edit Image Button

This is where the photo editing magic happens! The image will be sent to your Design Wizard dashboard. From there it is a matter of getting to work adding text to your photo.

Step 3: Add Text to Image and Decide on Font

So what do you want your image to say? Trying to make a meme? Thinking of something cute and/or whimsical to add to your photo? Design Wizard’s image editing tools let you add your text to images, and you can choose your font style, size and color as well!

Step 4: Download Your Photo

That’s all there is to it. Your edited photo is ready to use wherever you like. Could be great for your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. Or how about using that newly created image on your website?

Choose Your Fonts, Even Add a Visual Watermark

When you add text to a photo it's not just about the message—though certainly, you want it to be catchy and memorable. Everything from font style to text color matters with your photo project.

A Photo with Added Text Can Be Used Anywhere!

Text helps give any image more depth and dimension thereby making it far more interesting. You can compel people to really think about a photo when you add text. Use the edited photos on your site or social media accounts for some added punch.

No Design or Photoshop Experience Needed to Add Text

That is the best part of using PikWizard in tandem with Design Wizard—you don’t have to be a design expert. Even those new to Adobe Photoshop type work can edit their photos expertly! And all of PikWizard’s photos are free. Stunning and eye-catching images will add that special touch to whatever project you happen to be working on. Whether for your brand or for personal use, adding text to photos really can help you make the statement you want to make.

Text Can Be Added Easily!

Social media is a great place for photos that include text. Facebook and Instagram posts are far more interesting when your photo actually says something. Your followers will look forward to scrolling through their Facebook feed to see what you post next. All you have to do is select that perfect image, click on the “Edit Image” button, come up with the perfect text, and let your creativity guide you!