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What's a great habit every successful designer should have? Roundup

What's a great habit every successful designer should have?

Good and healthy habits are crucial when you’re aiming to consistently produce great design work. If being creative and crafting unique pieces daily is your job, it can be hard to keep coming up with fresh...


Wavebreak Media Designer Spotlight |Emer Kiely

Hello, I’m Emer! I am a Graphic Designer with Wavebreak Media and this is a little insight into what I do!...


Wavebreak Media Designer Spotlight | Ella Chinnock

Wavebreak Media Designer Spotlight | Ella Chinnock

Hi! I’m Ella, a 24-year-old Graphic Designer for Wavebreak Media. I joined the team once I finished college and have been here for about 2 and a half years now. Graphic design is truly my passion (pretend...


Clodagh Slade

Wavebreak Media Designer Spotlight | Clodagh Slade

I’m a Senior Motion Graphics Artist in Wavebreak Media and have been working in the multimedia industry for almost 6 years. I love cinema, animation, and illustration and I am no good at writing about...


child wearing a suit using a typewriter

Which writing tools would you recommend to a budding writer?

Just started your new adventure of turning your passion for writing into a profession? Looking for some tips on how to get there while keeping imposter syndrome to a minimum?You’ve come to the right...


Persistent marketing myths expert roundup

What's the most persistent marketing myth you had to keep busting over the years?

Beware! You’re about to enter the world of marketing myths. But don’t worry! You don’t have to battle these persistent creatures on your own. Our marketing experts are here to save the day with advice...


colorful handprints on a wall

Which aesthetic is more impactful? - Minimalism or Maximalism

We asked artists, content creators, designers, and photographers across various industries what they thought is more impactful: Minimalism or Maximalism. Minimalism keeps designs simple and can be used...


What did you wish you had known when you got started as a freelancer?

What did you wish you had known when you got started as a freelancer?

Starting to take on freelance work and your own business can be daunting. It’s difficult to know where to begin or which pitfalls to avoid. We asked experienced freelancers across various industries what...


How do you think AI will help you to improve your marketing campaigns in 2022?

How do you think AI will help you to improve your marketing campaigns in 2022?

In recent years, there have been major developments in AI and machine learning all geared towards growing business across many industries. Implemented correctly, artificial intelligence can help streamline...


Does Formal Education Matter in Graphic Design?

Does Formal Education Matter in Graphic Design?

A degree can help you learn about design processes, develop ideas, or understand and resolve design problems when you begin your design journey. And it's a safe environment where you can learn. Your tutors...


Has Working From Home Increased or Decreased Innovation: 24 Insights

Has Working From Home Increased or Decreased Innovation: 24 Insights

We asked 24 fellow remote working pros across different industries about their experiences. It’s been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic forced many of us to explore the home office environment for...


Image of a Man working on a Computer taken from behind

What's your prediction for the top graphic design trend for 2022?

Predicting future trends can be tough. Still, we didn’t shy away from asking experts across various industries what they think will be the top trends in graphic design in 2022. Predictions range from simple,...


Abstract colorful collage of various text, images and textures

How to Make a Collage with Photos | A Creative Guide

Learn how to make a collage digitally or explore how you can handcraft your very own piece of art with our design tips. Whether you create a collage for business or personal use, it’s always a great way...


 Female graphic designers using graphic tablet

30 Graphic Design Quotes to Inspire You and Boost Creativity

Browse our graphic design quotes from experts in various industries and get inspired. Whether you’re stuck or looking for new ideas, find the creative boost you need. Graphic design is visual communication...


Image of City landscape black and white

Photography Copyright Law: What You Need to Know about Copyright Infringement

Photography Copyright law can be the bane of many businesses. If you’re not careful, copyright infringement can cost your business thousands. To make matters worse, breaking copyright laws is remarkably...


Image of a Woman Working on a Macbook

25 Ways to Increase Conversions Using a Social Media Strategy

Does your social media strategy keep your audience engaged? Are you using the right tactics for your intended audience online? A solid social media strategy can be key to establishing a brand’s presence...


Image of an Increasing Graphic

23 Ideas for Growing Revenue as a Content Creator

Would you like your content to educate and inform - leading to a substantial growth in revenue? If so - you’ve come to the right place. It’s true that effective content creators, whether through written...


Macbook, iPhone, notebook and a pen placed on a wooden desk

How to Grow Your Audience Through Social Media

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Nowadays, almost every business, big or small, has some form of an online presence. Excelling through digital mediums can provide enormous bonuses for businesses,...


Photo of fashion blogger in her studio

How to Start a Fashion Blog

Ready to find out where your fashion blog could take you? Fashion blogging is one of the most creative, glamorous and fun ways to communicate your sartorial passion. If styling, trends and all things fashion...


Over the shoulder image of a woman looking at photos on a camera

How to Find the Right Photos for a Business Website

For any business operating online, the need to stand out is more noticeable than ever. Competition in the digital space is growing every day, so it’s vital that your company stands out from the crowd....


Image of a Laptop, a Map, a Notebook, a Passport, Coffee and Sunglasses on a Desk

How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is a hugely popular subject that can generate a lot of traffic and potential revenue. Understanding how to start a travel blog can be very advantageous. It’s also a great way to showcase...


Image of colorful crayons with wooden hearts

How Color Schemes Affect Graphic Design

Colour plays a massive role in how we perceive the world. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we make decisions on things based on the colors used. This is why choosing the right colors is...


Over the shoulder image of a person taking a picture of their food

How to Start a Photography Blog

Photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly with millennials! More and more people are trying to figure out how to start a photography blog. With almost every phone...


Photo of woman meditating in living room with open windows

How to Start a Fitness Blog

So, you’ve decided you want to start a fitness blog.The good news - anyone can start one. The bad news - it’ll take a lot of work. Understanding how to start a fitness blog successfully takes time and...


Image of a person taking an image of pink smoke in a warehouse

How to Create Unique Social Posts

Social media remains the number one way to grow your presence online. Whether you’re a blogger looking to share your views or a business hoping to find new customers, having a social media presence is...


Landscape image of mountains with the sun shining in the background


What is the best way to store your image files, JPEG or PNG? For most, the answer to this question is one of the two most popular formats. But when it comes to JPEG vs PNG, which one is better? There is...


How to Start a Food Blog

Wondering how to start a food blog? Some of the oldest, most-established blogs on the internet today are food blogs. They became popular in the very early days of blogging, after all, most of us love our...


Low image of a woman with painted red nails typing on a laptop

The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size in 2021 | All You Need to Know

Find out how you can get your customized YouTube thumbnail size right and explore best practices to increase views and subscribers. Owned by Google, YouTube has become the second largest search engine,...


Woman pushing a shopping cart full of groceries

25 Tips for Retail Marketing

To get your retail business where you want it to be, you’re going to need an effective retail marketing strategy. To make sure that strategy is going to be as successful as possible, you’ll need to invest...


Image of a desk with a camera and laptop with people working on a project

Five Ways Graphics Can Help Grow Your Business

When it comes to business, we all know that great branding speaks volumes. There are many ways in which you can ensure your brand represents who you are and one of the most important is visuals. If you...


Image of a Laptop, a Plant and Notes on a Desk

How to Turn a Blog into a Career

The dream of many aspiring bloggers is to turn their blog into a full-time job. After all, there are so many positives; you can choose when you work, get free products to try and spread your message to...


Image of the Sea and Mountains on the Left and on the Right

A Beginner's Guide to Image Copyright

If you have an online presence, you’ll need images. If you are using images that may not be yours, you should understand image copyright.Whether it is for a website, social media channels, advertisements,...


How to Grow a Start-Up Business Online

Gaining an online presence can be difficult as a business, especially when you’re just getting started. Here we share some of our tips on how to grow a start-up business online....


Man looking at his laptop on a table in an office

Five Tips for Creating a Successful Business Blog

For small businesses, growing your audience is vital to ensuring a steady stream of customers. In the modern world, the most efficient way of doing this is often online, mainly through social media. However,...


Woman speaking on her phone at a desk with her laptop

How to Grow Your Online Blog

So, you’ve started a blog! While setting up your blog and posting your first pieces of content can be easy enough, the next steps of how to grow your blog can be a bit more challenging, especially if you’re...


Man standing on a beach looking at the sunset

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Wondering how to start a lifestyle blog?Blogging is quickly becoming a hugely popular pastime in the modern age.Through blogs, we can share thoughts on that which we are passionate about and engage...


Two friends smiling taking a picture on smartphone

How to Take Great Pictures for Instagram

Having the ability to capture great photos for Instagram is a topic that needs some understanding in terms of basic lighting and composition principles. If this sounds too technical for you, we’ve got...


Image of an autumn leaf with forest in the background

Our Favorite Autumn Images

Interesting and visually-appealing seasonal content can often be a great way to increase audience engagement for your blog or business. As we say goodbye to summer, we are getting ready to whole-heartedly...


Image of two Electronic Devices and an Electronic Pen

How to Create Simple & Effective Graphics for Business

When you are creating business graphics, there are many things to bear in mind. There are amazing examples of great graphics, but there are many faux-pas that should be avoided at all costs! Ideally, you...


Man typing on a keyboard

How to Make Your Blog Posts More Interesting

Starting a blog is easy enough, but creating content that people want to read and find engaging can pose a bit more of a challenge. Making sure your blog posts are interesting is essential for gaining...


Image of a Man Holding a Business Newspaper

How to Start a Money Blog

Are you thinking about launching a new blog of your own? To successfully do so, you’ll have to join the millions of people who are also jumping on the blogging train, so it’s important to get the essentials...


Image of Colorful Shirts on Clothes Hangers

The Most Popular Colours of 2020

Every year, new trends appear – whether that be our home décor, fashion choices, or the types of aesthetics we like to see in imagery. Colour plays a huge part in these trends and what is considered fashionable....


Image of two People Working on a Laptop Together

6 Types of Graphics Used in Business Marketing

When promoting your product or service as a business, having eye catching and engaging imagery is vital to attracting new customers. Tacky, ill- thought-out or irrelevant images can be damaging for a brand’s...


Image of a Board on Which 'Happy Halloween' is Written in Chalk

Our Favorite Halloween Images

Bringing you our favourite Halloween images.With autumn well underway, many people are preparing for Halloween and the spooky festivities that come with the day! Halloween continues to grow in popularity,...


Image of a Christmas Tree with Presents Near the Fireplace

Our Favorite Christmas Images

Bringing you our favorite Christmas images to celebrate the festive season!There is always an opportunity to instill a bit of festive cheer into your online content during December - whether this is...


Our Favorite New Year Images

In continuation of our favorite images series, we explore our top New Year images. 2020 has been a challenging year for all, so we can’t wait to ring in 2021 - with some wonderful imagery, of course! Relevant,...


Image of Colorful Painted Wall

What Does Royalty Free Mean? A Complete Guide to Royalty-Free Content

You’ve likely come across the phrase “royalty-free”. You may have seen it on music, stock photos, or any other kind of art. But what does royalty-free mean? Businesses that use image or music licenses...


Triangular multi colored building with a blue sky and clouds in the background

Choose Colors that Go Together: 15 Examples with Stock Photos

Choosing colors that go together is crucial when making decisions about your brand colors and marketing efforts. The meanings of colors and the interplay between different combinations are important factors...


Image of a Laptop, a Camera and a Smartphone on a Desk

The Top 25 Best Zoom Backgrounds on PikWizard

In this new age of social distancing and working from home, Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed. People have resorted to online video calls to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. To keep...


Two business workers looking at one another while discussing ideas

25 Simple Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Digital Strategy

Are you looking for easy to apply online marketing tips to scale your business? Take a look at our insights and get inspired to upgrade your digital marketing strategy. The vast majority of marketing efforts...


Image of a Woman Taking Pictures

The Top Social Media Trends to Follow in 2021

If social media is, in any way, a prominent channel in your marketing strategy, following the latest social media trends should be a top priority. Social media is young and widely popular, which means...


Image of a Person Holding a Tablet with Both Hands and a Laptop and a Notebook on the Desk in the Background

How To Create Beautiful Online Vision Boards

Having goals and actually achieving them can sometimes be two very different concepts! Online vision boards are really useful tools that help bridge that gap. The purpose of an online vision board is to...


Image of a Person Holding a Tablet and a Laptop on a Desk in the Background

How To Make a Mood Board

Trying to figure out how to make a mood board?If you’re looking to artistically express your ideas for any purpose, you can create a mood board online. Making a mood board is common in several artistic...


Image of a Silhouette of a Woman Streching at Sunset

Hero Image: What It Is, Why You Need One & How to Create It

First impressions are critical in online marketing. When people land on your website or a social media page, there are a few things they will instantly see. Most of the time ‘the first thing’ is your hero...


sunset landscape of photographer taking image

Inches to Pixels

Understanding the measurements of inches to pixels is important to know when dealing with images. An inch is a common unit of measurement both on and offline. But when you’re resizing images on the web,...


Photograph of man on a skateboard in skate park

What Are Stock Photos? | Everything You Need to Know

What are stock photos?As a business owner or someone in any creative industry, you’ve likely stumbled on the term “stock photo”. A stock photo is something that some people rely on for a living, but...


Blurred Image of a City at Night

Trending Background Ideas for Designers in 2021

If your backgrounds ideas and backdrops need work, you are in the right place. Sometimes, you just need to revamp your imagery, and we have plenty of ideas and tools for that. These background ideas can...


Photoshoot image with camera equipment and lights

35 Creative YouTube Video Ideas for Your Channel

Explore our YouTube video ideas to get more viewers to hit the subscribe and notification bell button on your channel. Get inspired and provide even more value to your subscribers by trying new topics...


Image of a Person Holding his Phone in One Hand Next to a Cup of Coffee on a Table

25 Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Engagement

Are you struggling with finding new ideas for social media content that improves your engagement rates? Explore our tips on how to work with trends, be visual, use collaboration, share your content, and...


Image of a blue, purple and pink sunset behind a mountain landscape

Website Colour Schemes For Web Designers in 2021

The right website color schemes give your brand and design energy and life. No matter what products or services you’re offering, colors drive your message home and make your brand more memorable. To make...


6 printed photos hanging on a string with clothes pegs

The Ultimate Guide To Standard Photo Sizes

Explore our ultimate guide to standard photo sizes to find out how to choose the right resolution and aspect ratio to get the best results for your prints. Use this guide to choose the right size and frames...


Image of four People Working on Computers with Head Sets on

10 Effective Advertising Techniques to Grow Your Sales

Discover advertising techniques that work for your business and attract more customers. Learn how to evoke emotions with your design, use the power of storytelling, create a sense of urgency, and more....


Image of Smartphone Taking a Picture of a Landscape

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers | A Beginner's Guide

Browse our guide and discover tips to learn how to increase YouTube subscribers. Whether you want to explore different avenues to promote your business and foster brand identity, or join the ranks of successful...


Image of a Person with his Laptop on his Upper Thighs and Writing

28 Inspirational Ideas for Blog Topics to Engage Your Audience

Browse our ideas for blog topics to get inspired and keep your readers engaged. Find new ideas for your industry or niche to provide relevant content that increases traffic and boosts rankings.Freshen...


Image of a Laptop on a Bed at Night with a Bright Screen

What Makes a Good Website | 18 Effective Tips for Your Business

Discover effective tips on what makes a good website for your business. We take you through best practices in web design, user experience, search engine optimization to help you establish an online presence...


Image of a laptop on a desk with notebook and pen

11 Tips For Images In Web Design

Web designers know that images play a crucial role in engagement and conversions. You can communicate a business’s brand and orient its website with images. They say a picture can paint 1,000 words, and...


Side image of a person wearing a watch and holding a mug while typing copy

How to Write Compelling Ad Copy: The Ultimate Guide

Create compelling ad copy and increase sales with the tips and tricks in our ultimate guide. Understanding how to write effective copy is crucial to widening the reach and potential of your business. Compelling...


Image of a Group of Five People Discussing Something in a Meeting

35 Actionable Marketing Quotes That Can Transform Your Business

Check out our list of marketing quotes covering different aspects to transform your business. Dive into the wisdom industry experts have to offer and apply their actionable advice to your marketing strategy....


Workspace with PC, laptop, mobile, notebook, and coffee cup

15 Graphic Design Tips for Industry Beginners

Being a graphic designer sounds like an easy gig, right? As long as you’re tech-savvy, and know which colors go with what, you’ve got it in the bag!  … Unfortunately not. Like many other design careers,...


Work desk with laptop and email notifications

5 Must-Have Email Newsletter Elements That Increase Engagement

Email newsletters have the power to take your marketing to new levels. In fact, studies have found that email newsletters can get open rates of 22% or even higher. Still, creating an engaging newsletter...