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35 Actionable Marketing Quotes That Can Transform Your Business

Check out our list of marketing quotes covering different aspects to transform your business. Dive into the wisdom industry experts have to offer and apply their actionable advice to your marketing strategy you can also use an AI for marketing.

There are many ways to build and promote your brand. On the one hand, this provides you with a great variety of opportunities, on the other hand, it can be overwhelming and hard to pick which marketing techniques are the right fit for your business.

We’ve made it easier for you to choose an area by splitting the vast topic of marketing into its main areas. Browse the different components and quotes to find tips and inspiration for your marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Quotes

Keep Innovating in the Fast-Paced Online Marketing World

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”

Ian Schafer

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Marketers have to keep an eye out for new trends and adapt to the changing market quickly. Using social listening tools and reading the latest industry news can help you catch emerging trends and jump on them before your competitors do.

Helpful tools are news aggregators like Feedly and Google Alerts that you can set to send you a daily email with the latest on relevant topics. Particularly on social media, participation in trends can drive an incredible amount of engagement.

Keep an eye out for the latest online marketing tips and keep innovating. Build on what you see your target audience liked and try to replicate that in your campaigns.

Keep Working on Your Growth Strategy

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “

Neil Patel

When working on digital marketing campaigns, don’t just focus on what’s in front of you but try to see the bigger picture. Consider any takeaways from campaigns that you can use for overall business growth.

Create a growth framework by looking at your business goals and your marketing strategy to establish some growth metrics. These numbers can be your guiding light to see if your innovative campaigns work.

Learn from Your Competitors

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

Doug Warner

Thorough competitor analysis and keeping an eye on what the competition is doing should be part of your marketing strategy. The goal is to always offer better customer service and user experience to retain customers instead of clicking their way to a competitor.

Learn from your competitors and apply what works for them with your unique spin to your business strategy. Take a look and see what you find. Insights into the competition might also open your eyes to flaws in your own system.

Focus on Customer Benefits

“Stop selling. Start helping.”

Zig Ziglar

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With the variety of choices that consumers have particularly online, you have to highlight benefits for your customers to stand out. One pitfall that happens to many marketers is that they’re so passionate about their products that they want to list all features to convince customers to buy.

This feature-based approach just ends up being overwhelming or even frustrating for customers looking for solutions to their problems. Showing the benefits of products or services and how they can help to solve your target audience’s pain points is a much more effective approach to achieve increased conversions.

Tell a Story to Foster Brand Loyalty

“Story is your path to creating faith. Telling a meaningful story means inspiring your listeners—coworkers, leaders, subordinates, family, or a bunch of strangers—to reach the same conclusions you have reached and decide for themselves to believe what you say, and do what you want them to do.”

Annette Simmons

Brand storytelling is crucial for creating a more personal connection with your target audience and fostering brand loyalty. There are many ways in which you can apply storytelling to your business.

For example, you can create a story about an interaction with a client, share an anecdote about the early days of your company, or interview your employees. Dive into The Six Kinds of Stories or The Hero’s Journey to see what would work for your business.

Content Marketing Quotes

Firmly Embed Content Marketing into Your Strategy

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”

Jon Buscall

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Every marketing strategy should include a clear content plan that aligns with overall business goals. Instead of campaigns, think along the lines of a separate content strategy that uses all the information about your business as a means to achieve your goals.

For example, to generate more brand awareness and drive traffic to your website or blog, produce relevant and unique content that answers customer questions and helps you rank higher on search engine results pages. Use your content strategy to create a uniform and recognizable brand identity that builds trust with your target audience.

Provide Solutions and Create Relevant Content for People First

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.

Doug Kessler

To create relevant content that provides the solutions your customers are looking for, you need to do some research to find out their pain points and get to know them better. Start with data from Google Analytics and social media insights, create surveys and interview your customers or sales representatives.

Keep an Eye on Trends

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

Craig Davis

Being able to shift gears and jump on a trend is as important as having a clear content plan. Staying up to date is crucial if you want to take advantage of new opportunities that emerging trends bring with them.

Use social listening tools and relevant hashtags to create customized feeds that contain the latest news in your industry. Keeping an eye on Google Trends and using Google Alerts can be helpful ways to keep yourself posted. Make sure you set aside some time in your busy schedule to check for updates.

Monitor Your Content Marketing Efforts

“More content is not better. What’s the worst-case scenario if we slow ourselves down and do some analysis?

Kristina Halvorson

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Make sure you have key performance indicators or KPIs that help you to monitor how your content is doing. KPIs put your goals into numbers, so you know what you have to look for when checking metrics around your content.

Even if you’ve done thorough research before you created a content plan, checking your target audience’s reaction is crucial. If one of your strategies isn’t working, tweak your plan or take a look back at your goals and adjust them.

Establish Quality Relationships with Customers

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Andrew Davis

Customers usually research businesses before they buy online. Your company’s online presence needs to be up to speed and your content needs to be engaging to stay ahead of your competitors.

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and turn your expertise into helpful content for your target audience. This helps to build trust and in the long-term creates better relationships and even brand advocates.

Social Media Marketing Quotes

Invest in Your Social Media Presence

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.”

Sean Gardner

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Your company’s social media presence isn’t an afterthought and managing various channels isn’t just a side-project for the entry-level marketer you hire. An effective presence across multiple social networks requires management by a social media team that understands the importance of customer care and engagement.

Many talents and skills are required for a social media marketing team to build campaigns that convert, as they have to create content in various formats and provide support to customers. To stop your target audience from scrolling, a social media team has to be innovative and test their new ideas.

Focus on Connecting with Customers

“Social media creates communities, not markets.”

Don Schultz

Your focus on social media should be to drive engagement and build a community of brand advocates rather than selling to a target market. Build a brand community where your followers are emotionally invested, consume your content, and tell friends and family about your business.

Be sure to have a clear idea about who you are as a brand before you build your community. Define goals and metrics to help you measure all your social media marketing efforts. As managing a brand community can be time-consuming, it’s best to choose just one platform you want to operate on. This depends on which of your social channels gets the most attention from customers.

Engage with Your Followers

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. ”

Amy Jo Martin

The social media landscape is vast and offers a myriad of opportunities. It gives your business access to a large audience but at the same time gives the same access and opportunities to all your competitors. The sheer amount of content posted every day makes it hard to stand out.

To stop your target audience from scrolling, create striking visuals, unique content, and jump on trends as soon as they skyrocket from the depth of the internet. Be innovative with your social media posts and use eye-catching videos or go live to pique your followers’ interest.

Use Social Media Listening Tools to Get to Know Your Target Audience

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper, and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”

Paul Barron

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Listening to your audience on social media provides you with invaluable insights about your brand that you wouldn’t get through any other communication channel. Use social media management tools to track competitors and keywords related to your business to keep up to date.

You can use the information you get from the tracking process to tweak your campaigns, keep an eye on your competitors, or catch any complaints before they turn into bad publicity. Some marketing automation tools also offer tracking of the overall sentiment around your brand and provide solutions you can try to boost your brand identity online.

Keep up the Momentum

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.”

Seth Godin

If you’re only beginning your journey on social media, be aware that it takes time to build a substantial following. Provide valuable content through creative campaigns to build trust and foster brand loyalty on your social channels.

If you provide eye-catching visuals and engaging videos, you’ll see your follower counts rise. This doesn’t mean that you can lean back now. Your target audience expects fresh and unique content frequently. This way your brand pops up in their feeds and stays top of mind.

Email Marketing Quotes

Find Your Niche Market

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.”

Ramsay Leimenstoll

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Despite popular belief, having the largest number of email addresses isn’t the goal to go for. A small list of valuable and engaged contacts is better than sending your well-crafted emails to millions of people, who delete them immediately.

A smaller audience can be easier to segment and tailor your messages to. These targeted emails have better open rates and generate more conversions. If your content keeps being successful with your relevant audience, you’ll be able to build relationships with them and retain them as customers.

Personalize as Many Parts of Your Email as Possible

“Personalization—it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.”

Dan Jak

Your target audience expects to receive a personalized email from your brand but this goes beyond just getting the greeting and name right. Using email marketing automation software, you can segment your audience and change parts of your content according to the data you have on your subscribers.

There are custom fields that recommend different products, dynamic content offers, and imagery that matches the subscriber’s location. Experiment with these components to provide different types of subscribers with relevant content.

Always Send High-Quality Content

“Quality over quantity—Emails may be cost-efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.”

Benjamin Murray

Make sure you retain your subscribers with quality content instead of bombarding them with an increasing number of sales emails. Your target audience signed up to your email to receive relevant information and to be notified about special offers.

Focus on being informative and don’t turn your emails into constant sales pitches to keep the numbers of people who unsubscribe down. Attract higher open rates with a striking subject line and show your personality in your copy. Ask your subscribers how often they want to hear from you to avoid ending up in their spam folders.

Craft Compelling Email Copy

“How to write a good email: 1. Write your email. 2. Delete most of it. 3. Send.”

Dan Munz

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When composing your email, think about how you can keep it simple and engaging. Sprinkle that with conveying your brand identity authentically and you’re up to a good start in terms of voice and tone.

Know who your target audience is to create a personal connection through your copy. Think concise, benefit-focused, and actionable for your subject line and body copy. Use striking imagery and use call-to-action buttons in eye-catching colors to attract clicks.

Monitor Your Email Success

“That which is measured improves.”

Karl Pearson

To create effective email marketing campaigns, monitor metrics like open, click-through, conversion, complaint, and bounce rates. These should give you a comprehensive overview to tweak your content and reduce or increase these rates.

Use email marketing automation software to put relevant tracking in place. Decide before the start of your campaign what you’re going to measure and determine key performance indicators that you can work towards.

Video Marketing Quotes

Use Highly Effective Visuals in Your Marketing

“The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.”

Chris Sandoval

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Visuals like videos convey more information in seconds and can be more impactful than words. Consumers expect more video content, which makes it easier for brands to connect with their target audience on an emotional level and build trust.

Engaging videos capture your audience’s curiosity and make them want to find out more. Know what your audience likes and tell a story to get your brand or campaign message across.

Build Videos into Your Customer’s Lifecycle

“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer lifecycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment.”

Mark Robertson

It’s widely known among marketers that video boosts engagement. It’s a quick and easy way for your customers to absorb information. Using video throughout the customer lifecycle makes your brand memorable for providing great visual solutions. This makes it more likely that your first-time customers return.

Provide the right type of video for each stage of your target audience’s journey. In the awareness stage, create eye-catching and useful content for a great first impression with commercial ads and educational videos. In the consideration stage, show how you solve problems with product and explainer videos. In the decision stage, talk about your brand or offer testimonials from happy customers.

Incorporate Video in Your Marketing Strategy

“Stop thinking of video marketing as this separate entity that is optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.”

James Wedmore

To grow your business, your media content should become an essential part of your marketing strategy. Keep your brand up to date by providing videos, as consumers have come to expect bite-sized visual content to get information about products and services quickly.

Videos are versatile and can be embedded into various channels like email, social media, and your website. If you don’t have the resources to create your own, consider using high-quality stock videos from our vast Pik Wizard library and customize them to fit your unique brand.

Tap into the Viral Potential of Videos

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”

Mike Henry

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Social media platforms are notorious for being a launchpad for viral content. Through shares, it’s possible to expand your audience quickly and get seen by people who might have never heard of your business before.

It’s hard to determine what gives a piece of content a higher potential:

  • Keep an eye on trends
  • Know what resonates with your initial audience
  • Be creative
  • Trigger strong positive emotions.

Tell Your Brand Story Through Video

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the web.”

Rick Levine

When done right, video is an attractive way to get your brand story across. Stories help us to make sense of the world and are more memorable than a plain explanation of what your business is or does.

Be sure to create original content that authentically shows your brand identity. Your storyline should be honest and human to evoke emotions and create a personal connection with your target audience.

SEO Marketing Quotes

Understand the Context of Search Queries

“On-page SEO is no longer satisfied by raw keyword use. Matching keywords to searcher INTENT is critical.”

Rand Fishkin

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget the user when you’re too focused on getting keywords right for search engines like Google. In these moments, businesses have to remind themselves that they serve people first with the information we provide instead of the algorithm.

Rather than fixate on keywords only, think about the problems behind a search query. The goal is to know the context to improve your way of helping your customers and eventually rank on the first page of search results.

Know Your Target Audience

“Marketing has never been about keywords, it’s about people.”

Simon Penson

Target your audience with relevant content instead of only aiming to please Google’s algorithm. Get to know your target audience better by gathering data from analytics and social media insights. You can also ask your customers directly by sending out surveys or creating polls.

Once you’ve assembled your data, find pain points to create engaging and valuable content that brand advocates might even share. Establish yourself as an industry expert who solves customer problems and traffic and conversions will increase.

Use SEO in Combination with Other Digital Marketing Techniques

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Wendy Piersall

Although Google dominates the world of search and applying SEO techniques is crucial to boost rankings, optimizing your content is only one part of your digital marketing strategy. Other techniques like email marketing and social media strategy should be part of a holistic approach to achieving your business goals.

Other channels you use can also be beneficial for SEO. For example, if you have an engaged audience on social media, ask your followers to write a review on Google. You can get the link to share from your Google My Business account.

Craft High-Quality Content for Link Building

“The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.”

Matt Cutts

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Link building is an effective marketing technique that helps to establish your business as a quality resource and results in higher rankings. Getting quality backlinks to your site from authoritative sites signals to Google’s algorithm that your content is highly relevant.

There are various link building techniques you can apply like guest blogging or sharing a valuable resource. If done right, this increases brand awareness and shows a spike in referral traffic in your Google Analytics.

Establish Lasting Relationships Within Your Industry

“Build relationships, not links.”

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

When you promote content or work on link building campaigns, think about long-term goals. Apply a filter to the list of contacts you might have for content promotion and select only highly relevant ones that have the potential to turn into a longer partnership.

The focus should be on quality rather than quantity to ensure you create a network that is valuable to your business. Be creative and build trust over a longer period of time and you’ll eventually reap the benefits of effective relationship building.

Influencer Marketing Quotes

Recognize the Power of Influencers

“Welcome to the new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”

Brian Solis

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The marketing landscape has changed with the rise of social media. This change has given more power to customers and brand advocates like influencers. Even though your business might be doing everything right to build trust online with techniques like reviews and a consistent customer experience, nothing beats an influencer campaign to grow credibility.

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok have given influencers or content creators platforms to voice their opinions. Their followers are passionate about the same topics and trust the person they follow because of the high-quality content they deliver every day. This way, content creators can have a great impact on the buying decisions of their followers.

Ensure You Provide Value with Influencer Marketing

“Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it.”

Jay Baer

Your main goal should always be providing the best value to your target audience. Before you get started with your influencer marketing campaign, have a clear and attractive value proposition ready.

Brainstorm ideas with your chosen influencer or content creator to decide on the social media content that best conveys your brand message and the benefits of your products or services. This is the foundation of an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Approach Content Creators the Right Way

“Influencers – they’re the best thing since sliced bread. But forget bread; they’re selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns, and they’re only set to keep growing.”

Emily Warna

Influencer marketing is now an integral part of marketing tips across many businesses. It’s become a common advertising technique for brands and their products and services. This means that content creators are inundated with offers and can choose the projects they want to go for.

There’s a good chance that your proposition for collaboration has to compete against multiple other offers from competitors. Approach content creators the right way and research them and the types of content they create. Think about the incentives your business can offer and explain how a partnership would be beneficial for them.

Trust Your Content Creator’s Passion and Creativity

“As long as I get to do my thing and someone wants to write me a check for it, I’m all about it.”

Mike Perry

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Content creators are successful because they create authentic content about a topic they’re passionate about. If you want to work with influencers, don’t forget that you’re partnering with them for their creativity and let them work their magic. An influencer campaign is a collaboration between your brand and the content creator.

Trying to prescribe too much or applying too many restrictions can backfire, as it suppresses the style of the influencer and might alienate their audience with inauthentic content. Before your campaign, create a plan that works for both parties and be clear about any rules you need to apply.

Pick Your Influencers Wisely

“Growing an online presence is important. But, let’s get real about influence. Presence doesn’t equal influence. Presence can be measured in social media following. Influence can’t.”

Martha Giffen

A massive online presence isn’t necessarily indicative of the impact an influencer has on their followers. Don’t choose influencers only according to their follower count. When you research content creators for a collaboration, look past any vanity metrics and see how engaged their audience is.

When you’ve narrowed it down to a list of content creators you’re interested in, go more in-depth to see if the way they produce content and their tone would fit with your brand. Use your research when you contact them to increase your chances of signing an agreement to collaborate.