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How do you think AI will help you to improve your marketing campaigns in 2022?

In recent years, there have been major developments in AI and machine learning all geared towards growing business across many industries. Implemented correctly, artificial intelligence can help streamline and make processes more efficient by automating repetitive tasks and the ability to analyze large amounts of data.

In marketing and advertising, AI is used to predict user behavior to better meet customer expectations so marketers can make more informed decisions about their campaigns. Artificial intelligence has come a long way and speeds up the process of creating a large quantity of content but it still takes a human writer to ensure high-quality ad copy.

Find out what our industry experts have to say about using AI for their marketing campaigns and get invaluable insights into what artificial intelligence may bring to the table in the not-so-distant future.

Moss Clement

Predicts Consumer Buying Behavior and Needs

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in marketing is the way forward in 2022 and beyond. That's because AI enables marketers to foretell consumer behavior on the site or product page based on past activities.

So, using AI to predict users' actions is a valuable way to acquire marketing data that helps you foretell profitability. Moreover, it helps me enhance user experience (UX) by developing a robust marketing strategy that meets all customer journey stages.

You can use AI to learn about prospects' buying habits and needs. And then use that information to forecast their future actions. The data lets you target the most appropriate audience segments and helps you produce relevant and informative content that connects and converts.

Website: www.mossmedia.biz

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/mossclement

Moss Clement, Adela Belin, Andre Oentoro

Adela Belin

AI Assist the Content Creator

There’s no doubt that AI and machine learning can help grow your business in several ways. Nonetheless, one unique method of using AI for business growth is optimizing your content creation processes.

Brands and organizations can use AI to analyze their target audience and determine what types of content will entertain them and generate more ROI. The information allows you to make informed business decisions and create valuable content that addresses buyers’ needs.

Content marketers can use these software apps to making a good website copy, blog posts, grow your blog online, ad copy, long-form content, and other forms of marketing tips that get results based on users’ information.

These apps help you create excellent drafts while saving precious time. I’m not saying you should rely entirely on AI writing assistance. But they let you improve productivity and generate positive results in less time.

Website: www.writersperhour.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/AdelaBelin

Andre Oentoro

In 2022, AI will help our marketing campaigns by delivering more personalized, high-targeted messages to our customers at appropriate points in the customer lifecycle.

Those AI-powered tools that analyze voice, behaviour, image recognition, etc— could potentially help our businesses learn more about the customers’ needs and expectations. That’s how we can come up with more relevant human content and more authentic brand-consumer relationships without burning our marketing and sales team out.

By utilizing AI in 2022, we can create articles, emails, unique posts for social media , even social videos, and other content better tailored to what our customers want to see. And thank to AI you will learn how to grow your audience trough social media on the right way.

Website: www./breadnbeyond.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/company/breadnbeyond

Ebnu Sudarso

AI has become more prominent in our society. I think it will do a lot for marketing campaigns in the future. In addition to automation, AI will help improve our marketing campaigns by taking over trivial or repetitive tasks. This will help us focus more on bigger and more complex tasks at hand.

For example, guest posts about the same topics, email outreach to thousands of people, or analytical reports are repetitive tasks that are often time-consuming. With the help of AI, we can work more efficiently and allocate our resources effectively.

Website: www.milkwhale.com/

Natasha Rei

In 2022, AI can automate the process of identifying potential customers. Hence, improving marketing campaigns effortlessly. This means that marketers won't need to manually search for new clients or comb through data on their competitors' websites.

Instead, they can use algorithms and a vast knowledge base about who is most likely to buy what type of product from fashion brands like Versace or Givenchy, luxury cars like Aston Martins or Lamborghini sports cars to find prospects quickly and efficiently.

With AI, you can improve marketing campaigns effectively because it helps personalize your promotions to customers. AI can identify a certain audience interested in your products or services so you can target them in the future.

Website: www.explainerd.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/natasha-rei-4b8090208

Natasha Rei, Julie Bishop, Ana Karic

Julie Bishop

We rely a lot on AI in Facebook and Instagram advertising techniques to gain customers. This particular AI will continue to improve predicting customers’ behaviours and what they might buy.

We also use personality AI which analyses data points to identify someone’s personality. When we contact someone we don’t want to be deleted or put in the spam box so we need to connect with empathy and AI helps us to do that. 

In an online world where it’s so easy to message anyone, we have to make sure ours is read and for that to happen we have to learn a bit about them.

Website: www.jobhop.co.uk

Social Media: www.twitter.com/jobhop

Ana Karic

Leveraging AI can help marketers predict user behaviour and therefore improve the user's journey in order to create (more) effective strategies. AI has been around for a while, and I am personally embracing it: from optimizing PPC campaigns (especially retargeting) to identifying new audience segments, or even SEO.

AI is extremely useful when it comes to better leveraging data insights, by pooling users' data from ad campaigns.

Apart from paid advertising, AI chatbots, for example, can be very helpful to increase conversion rates. They can provide a personalized online experience, improve user engagement, and help you to understand the customer needs, and act accordingly (even without using AI).

I haven't tested AI copywriting tools, but this is something I'll perhaps explore. They seem to be a great assistant when writing long-form content as they help you to structure the article, suggest additional info, statistic data, etc.

Website: www.anakaric.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/ana-grasic-karic

Jessica Ulloa

AI will help us understand our clients and potential clients much better and allow us to provide them with a more tailored and personalized service that caters to their specific needs. Since we work with a subscription-based model, AI will also help us retain more clients, as we'll be able to keep up with consumer trends & needs much faster than before.

Website: www.myperfectresume.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-ulloa

Jessica Ulloa, Vikas Kalwani, Jenny Stanley

Vikas Kalwani

AI tools will continuously improve so we have engaging content for various platforms. Tools like Jarvis, Word AI, and others aren't perfect, but the technology is growing at a rapid pace. I am wondering if these tools will eliminate the need for content writers?

Website: www.userp.io

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/vikaskalwani

Jenny Stanley

With the increasing loss of marketing data, companies must leverage their own data to understand and reach new customers by integrating customer relationship management data. 

Brands can use AI to model this data into customer lookalikes for the best accuracy and scale, enhance their paid media campaigns by optimizing quicker. AI can also automate tasks. 

The question of whether it will support creativity is still questionable. In my mind, it can help pinpoint success and possible routes for audiences and analyze and predict ideas much better perhaps even for copywriting. Although that would still need some human intervention, AI can definitely speed things up.

When it comes to the actual concept of creativity itself, I have yet to be impressed by AI. Perhaps we will have real competition there from the AI bots in 2026 though!! Watch this space…

Website: www.appetitecreative.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-stanley

Noelle Fauver

In 2022, we can expect to see advancements in neuro-linguistic programming for AI. AI's ability to understand sentiment will continue to increase, impacting capabilities for marketing. 

This increased understanding of sentiment will likely shift the way that Google and other search engine algorithms return a user's search results. Changes to search engine algorithms will undoubtedly lead to several disruptions across the SEO industry.

Website: www.inseev.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/company/inseev-interactive/mycompany

Noelle Fauver, Meredith J Farley, Lisa Sicard

Meredith J Farley

Though it might feel counter-intuitive, AI technologies will continue to create more personalized, connected, and human experiences for users across the web. Features like enhanced A/B testing and responsive content will enable brands to learn more about the messages and products their audience is looking for - and then use that knowledge to better serve them.

Additionally, the targeted results that AI tech offers will continue to empower small and local businesses. If every dollar counts you want to make certain it's providing a return - tools like micro-targeted advertising allow SMBs to build their audience and increase their customer base and grow.

Website: www.brafton.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/meredith-farley

Lisa Sicard

AI will enhance your marketing content in 2022. I started using it for writing a few months ago and the benefits are clear - time saved, better quality articles all round! 

Whether you blog or post on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, writing is an essential part of expressing yourself creatively with words so this technology has really helped me get my ideas out there more effectively than ever before.

Website: www.inspiretothrive.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/Lisapatb

Chris Makara

Artificial Intelligence in 2022 will be able to analyze how customers interact with advertising and use the customer data to generate more personalized content. With this data, AI-powered systems can adjust product prices and promotions based on specific individual needs, thereby ensuring that every customer gets the best experience possible when interacting with a brand. 

This type of data can be used to tailor advertising to specific demographics, which can be very beneficial for the purposes of marketing. This is why it's important for companies to know more about their target demographic before producing content. For example, AI powered marketing tools are able to identify the age group that is being targeted and then adjust the marketing campaign to suit that specific demographic, for instance, by adjusting the advertisement text or tone of voice used in the campaign.

An approach like this will result in content and messaging that best aligns with the demographics and intent of the user - ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and revenue.

Website: www.chrismakara.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/chrismakara

Chris Makara, Jon Davis, Kent Lewis

Jon Davis

In 2022, AI will play a larger role in helping marketing teams scale up their content development such as blogs, product or service pages, and FAQs. 

And the goal is not to churn out content without purpose or relevance! A.I. can be used to create high-quality, relevant content for existing clients and prospective customers. 

For example, there are AI tools such as Frase that:

- Simplify the research process to put a wealth of SERP information at your fingertips. 

- Automate content briefs that can be shared with freelancers or co-workers.

- Some of these tools literally have A.I. writers to automate content that can be repurposed to match your brand voice and personality. 

This is great for breaking through writer’s block and thinking through new angles to your content.

Used strategically, A.I. can make a positive impact on your content workflow and marketing assets such as your email newsletter, social media strategy, search engine optimization efforts, and email nurture campaigns.

Website: www.cushingco.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/company/cushing

Kent Lewis

AI provides a host of opportunities to improve digital marketing campaigns. A few core areas we are looking at include chatbots and digital advertising campaign optimization. Chatbots are getting so smart that humans are often unable to tell they aren't human.

The cost savings for basic sales and customer support provide opportunities to reallocate spends elsewhere. Similarly, AI provides advertisers with a cost-effective way to quickly optimize campaigns (keyword selection, ad copy and even landing pages). 

Website: www.anvilmediainc.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/kentlewis

Tannah Cantrell

When utilized effectively, AI and marketing work great together. 

For example, businesses can incorporate AI models into their projects to form predictions or conclusions on their campaigns. Having the answers formulated this way means less wasted time chasing the wrong ideas, and a more productive, thriving work environment.

However, you must ensure the datasets your AI model is using to create these predictions are ethical, and without bias. Here, it’s best to consult a reputable, global resource - such as Twine AI: home to over 450,000 freelancers who help create custom, ethical datasets. 

Choosing a free, badly sourced AI dataset could resort to a violation of GDPR or data protection laws - which would be disastrous for any business!

Website: www.twine.net/ai

Social Media: www.uk.linkedin.com/in/tannah-cantrell

Tannah Canntrell, Vashistha Kapoor, Adam Connell

Vashishtha Kapoor

Even though AI is taking over a lot of tasks that a marketer does, for example, copywriting and managing advertising bid strategy, there is a lot to still keep an eye on. You can never be negligible and trust AI with closed eyes. 

On the other hand, I love the way AI has made the job easier for marketers and ad-tech professionals like me to improve marketing campaigns in 2022. There is a lot more to come in AI than just ad copywriting which is going to change the way we usually advertise on the internet.

Website: www.corporatebloggingtips.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/vashishthakk

Adam Connell

AI-powered marketing platforms have been developing at a significant pace. At top level, there are a lot of ways to use AI in marketing campaigns.

The most popular option on people's minds right now is AI-powered content creation. There are some marketers churning out huge volumes of content with the help of AI.

While these tools can work for some, I just can't bring myself to remove the human element from content creation. Written content still matters and it's the one thing that I believe shouldn't be left to machines. 

So, I'll be looking at other ways to integrate AI into my marketing. 

The main areas I'll be looking at will be the development of AI in the areas of website personalization, content personalization, and CRO. 

Although, at this time, there is a sparse selection of ‘true’ AI-based tools in this area. 

While a lot of SaaS brands are using the term AI in their marketing, most of them use nothing more than a relatively sophisticated ‘If this then that’-style approach. Sorry folks - that isn't AI!

Website: www.startupbonsai.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/adamjayc

Peter Rota

We're actually already using the help of AI to tag content on one of our sites and have had pretty good results so far. As far as 2022 goes, we're looking into possibly investing in one of the AI writing tools like Jarvis.

I think the content still needs a long way to go as far as perfection goes. But it's been crazy to see the advances in this technology over the past few years. As time goes on, I think these tools will start to shape the industry. 

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/peterrota

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/peterrota

Peter Rota, Anthony Genzle, Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Anthony Gaenzle

AI helps us improve efficiencies across multiple project areas. Grammarly's writing assistant shaves time off of the editorial process. It's incredible what the tool catches. You can save time by producing a much cleaner first draft for any marketing campaign, and it helps see things the human eye may miss.

Automation tools like HubSpot can take pressure off of your marketing and sales teams. By setting up automation actions where an event is triggered based on a contact's activity in your CRM, we send automated, targeted email messages that help move the prospect further along in the pipeline.

Automation tools also offer features like lead scoring to help your sales team see when a prospect is warmed up and is likely more open to receiving communication. AI will continue to play a significant role in our operations and the growth of Gaenzle Marketing and its clients in 2022.

Website: www.gaenzlemarketing.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/AnthonyGaenzle

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Using AI-powered website analytics tools to analyze user data such as demographics, user's behavior, engagements, time-on-site, bounce rate, click-through rate, we could gather more helpful marketing data to work with.

With AI-Powered analytics tools, we can analyze and identify past marketing errors and possibly predict working strategies for the future. And reduce our forecasting errors by a wide margin.

Also, using an AI-powered chatbot will help us improve customer service. Given that artificial intelligence chatbots can better understand users' queries through natural language processing and give more intelligent answers.

This is one area we're looking to improve in our business operations this year.

Website: www.cybernaira.com

Social Media: www.twitter.com/cybernaira

Dorota Lysienia

We always try to find the right balance between automation and personalization for our marketing campaigns. As I expect more content personalization for our readers in 2022, AI can help us create specific customer groups and tailor content to their unique needs. 

Innovative AI solutions will support us in maximizing our speed, increasing efficiency, and reaching our target audience with the right message. Also, AI will play a crucial role in analyzing our marketing efforts after the campaign and taking the necessary steps to improve our campaigns in the future.

Website: www.zety.com/resume-builder

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/dorota-lysienia-8b3ba9197

Dorota Lyseienia, Janice Wald, Nikola Roza, Melih Oztalay

Janice Wald

AI has become so evolved, readers don't know if they are reading writing composed by people or bots. Previously, AI sounded like what it is, robotic. However, due to the advancements in AI, it finally has tone. The lack of tone precluded AI from sounding human and therefore wasn't used much by copywriters in the past. 

Although I love writing, if I am busy or feel my message can be better expressed, I would definitely rely on AI content writing tools to boost the success of my marketing campaigns in 2022. Now that AI sounds like humans, I look forward to including AI content writing tools in my marketing arsenal.

Website: www.mostlyblogging.com/quillbot-review

Social Media: www.twitter.com/MrsPaznanski

Nikola Roza

I'm not an expert in AI technology, but I realize the awesome benefits that come from using AI in marketing, and I don't want to miss out on it.

In 2022, I'll incorporate AI in my marketing campaigns in 2 ways.

First, I'll start to use AI writing assistants to produce copy faster. These tools are far from perfect, but when writing shorter copy, and when following the classic copywriting formulas, they're actually really good. At least as good as I am when I'm inspired and rested and eager to put words on (digital) paper.

I'm now playing around with Jarvis AI and I'm loving it.

Second, I'm almost finished with my first lead magnet for my site, which will be an e-book that shows people how to do keyword research for free.

I plan to build a landing page for it using Unbounce.

Why Unbounce?

Because they offer a unique service, an AI-powered feature called Unbounce Smart Traffic. This tool does it all for you. It writes convincing landing page copy, it does A/B testing automatically to find a winner, and then it repeats the cycle indefinitely always trying to find a better and more converting landing page version. With Unbounce Smart Traffic my job as a marketer is just to observe the process and intervene if needed.

That's what AI can do and the technology is still pretty new and lots of awesome things are coming.

Time to adapt to stay ahead.

Website: www.nikolaroza.com

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/nikola-roza-a29787162

Melih Oztalay

AI in marketing will help with website conversions by tracking the visitor's journey through the lead and sales experience. The analysis provided by AI tools identifies growth opportunities, the user journey, and suggests how to improve while increasing website leads and sales. 

The idea behind this conversion rate optimization process is to make the website more effective to generate leads and sales without having to spend or increasing the marketing budget. I would go so far as to say, stop your marketing efforts until the website is able to convert website visitors.

Website: www.smartfindsmarketing.com/web-marketing/conversion-rate-optimization-cro/

Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/melihoztalay/