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How to Create Unique Social Posts

Social media remains the number one way to grow your presence online. Whether you’re a blogger looking to share your views or a business hoping to find new customers, having a social media presence is a must in the modern age!

Everyone who has a blog know that you really need to know how to grow audience through social media, it's the main way to make his blog famous! You can use social media for many things, make advertising, follow the social media trends to make a modern blog.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media – more than 3.8 billion people worldwide, in fact! Its booming popularity means that while the opportunities keep increasing, so does the competition. But if you want to just enter in the competition you need to make yourself unique, it can happens by a lot of way, take great pictures, be very funny, etc...

With so much content now being produced online, users are harder to entertain than ever, meaning your posts need to stand out. In this blog, we provide some ways in which you can make your social media content pop, leading to more engagement and better results.

Understand Social Media Users

One of the most important first steps to success on social media is understanding the audience. For some people, this may come naturally as you’re on the platforms interacting with content every day. However, if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t spend much of their time on social media, it’s worth researching what makes people tick.

When you understand people, you understand what they search on the social media, you will ne able to put in place good social media content and make people interested by what you do. 

The Right Platform for Your Audience

The audience on each social media channel can be slightly different. Instagram is a particularly popular platform for millennials, while LinkedIn is the best choice for businesses-to-business interactions. Your audience should determine what platform you look to promote on, and each has slightly different best practices when it comes to social posts.

While there are slight differences on each platform, there is one constant, and that’s the number of posts being created. Everyone, regardless of their preferred platform, is viewing multiple posts every second. Therefore, whatever your content is, it has to catch the eye and engage users in record time!

Be Quality

Time is of the essence on social media, so getting your message across quickly is paramount. However, this need for speed must never come in the way of the post’s quality.

As mentioned before, the amount of content being produced on social media is quite remarkable. So is the quality of these posts, with large teams now employed with the sole purpose of making social media content.

You don’t need to have a big budget or a large team to be successful online. However, you do need to make sure your posts reach a similar quality to those major brands. Ensure that you’re using high-quality images or videos in all of your social posts, with the same standard held for your text and graphics.

Stay on Brand

To grow your audience through social media, many recommend copying the style of post done by your larger competitors. This method can be a great way to get your social media presence off the ground, but to stay unique, it’s important to relate it to your brand.

For businesses, in particular, a social media following is not worth much if that doesn’t turn into customers. By keeping all your posts on-brand, you increase the likelihood of people wanting to engage with not just your content but also your company, as they’ll hopefully connect with your values.

Keeping your posts on brand is simple. Make sure the tone of voice for your posts matches your company and isn’t forced, while graphics should utilize your brand colors.

With all of those marketing tips you will be able to transform people who read into customer! You can do it!

Be Relatable

Being on brand is vital, but to be successful on social media, a human element is equally important. People are more likely to engage with other people, so showing a personal side is a reliable way to increase your engagement and audience.

Being relatable often comes naturally to individuals such as lifestyle bloggers, but for businesses, this can seem more challenging. However, it’s actually quite straightforward. Posts should always include people, whether that’s a stock image or content with a named person from the company. The posts can still stay on brand while also containing this human element.

Use Graphics

If you want to ensure your social media posts are unique, then you need to consider creating custom graphics. Thankfully, tools like DesignWizard make this simple and straightforward, allowing you to create custom designs without any previous experience.

Graphics are a great way to bring together all the points mentioned above. Unique imagery helps your posts to stay branded while also making them more eye-catching and engaging for social media users! Therefore, graphics should be considered for every style of post.

We hope that this guide will help you create compelling social posts that excite your audience! Remember, if you need some eye-catching imagery, check out our free-to-use commercial images and videos.