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Wavebreak Media Designer Spotlight | Emer Kiely

This month, we’re putting a spotlight on our designers here at Wavebreak Media to find out how they followed their hearts and creativity to work in design. Learn what inspires them and what the project of their dreams would be. Here’s Emer Kiely’s story:

Hello, I’m Emer! I am a Graphic Designer with Wavebreak Media and this is a little insight into what I do!

Where did you study design?

Collins young creatives club sticker - Where can you study to become a graphic designer in Ireland - Image

I’ve had an interest in art my whole life. When I was younger I drew a lot and I used to spend hours on MS Paint. I knew I always wanted to work in the arts in some way but it wasn’t until I did a week’s work experience in a design studio that I realized I could work as a Graphic Designer. I studied Visual Communications at Cork Institute Of Technology (which is now known as Munster Technological University or MTU!), and here I am four years later. I also have a diploma in Art Direction For Film & TV, and have been known to do the odd night class too! 

Describe your signature design style, how did it develop?

Cover Illustration with 'The stinging fly' as a title - The journey of developing signature design style - Image

It developed very slowly for sure, in College I often would try to illustrate every element of a project if I could, or I would go towards more handwritten organic fonts and designs. It wasn’t until I started working full-time as a Graphic Designer that I began to find myself drawn toward a more structured, cleaner design style. 

If you could work on an exciting project of your choice in a world where anything is possible, what would it be?

Poster for the cinema club's open day - What new projects might be suitable for a graphic designer - Image

Hmm, it would either be working on a film set as a Production/Graphic Designer/Art Director or illustrating some books! Last year, I completed a diploma in Art Direction For Film & TV as well as doing a Graphic Design For Film course with designer Annie Atkins. I really enjoy the process of making physical items and hope to try my hand at designing for Film & TV down the line. 

Why did you become interested in design?

Faceglow Beauty advertising - What's so interesting about graphic design - Image

There are many reasons. I liked the variety for one. Being able to work on so many different projects is something I really enjoy and value. I also liked how broad the design realm is. You can wear many different hats in this industry, so having the option to be able to pick up different skills depending on the project is something that really appealed to me. 

Who is your designer hero and why?

Poster design in cartoon style - Successful graphic designers worthy of your attention - Image

I really love the work of Elizabeth Goodspeed & Bráulio Amado. Two very different designers, Elizabeth’s work is very structured and incredibly well thought out whereas Bráulio’s work is so loose, spontaneous, and often has an undertone of humour which is something I really enjoy.

What did you wish you had known when you got started as a designer?

Irish pub advertisement in cartoon style - Important tips for beginner designers - Image

The rules are there for a reason! Learning the basics of design was a very important learning curve for me as it allowed me to be more structured in my work and then slowly I began to break those basic rules as time went on and I became more confident in my abilities. 

Where do you go for inspiration when you get stuck?

Recruitment poster design - Where designers can turn for inspiration when they get stuck - Image

Mainly savee.it, Instagram, Pinterest, and Behance. I try not to look at other designers' work if I can and instead take inspiration from more abstract images, film stills, or something completely unrelated to design to try and inspire me.