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How to Find the Right Photos for a Business Website

For any business operating online, the need to stand out is more noticeable than ever. Competition in the digital space is growing every day, so it’s vital that your company stands out from the crowd.

As technology continues to evolve, we are noticing how much more images play a part in how we engage with the world. Gone are the days of endless scripts of text – if you want to grow your audience on social media or elsewhere, a more visual experience has to be offered.

How to Be Unique Online

For some businesses, putting together a collection of unique brand photography that they can use online can be expensive and time-consuming. Our free-for commercial use images and online design tool are simple ways for everyone, from bloggers to multinationals, to create eye-catching visuals that are unique to them. Be careful when you are choosing for pictures online. A lot of good pictures when they have a good qualities, they have also copyright for those images.

You need to be really careful about copyright, you should read guide for image copyright and laws about this this subject.

However, how do you know what specific images to use beyond your products or services? Here, we provide some tips to help you build a unique yet coherent image bank that wows your audience.

Understand Your Brand

The first step to choosing images for your business or blog is to look internally. Branding plays a massive role in how first-time consumers view your company or blog, which can determine whether or not they stick around.

A successful brand will always have a clear and consistent brand image. For some people, this will be obvious, while for others, it can be a more nuanced idea. Regardless, that message will be carried throughout their visual media.

If you’re a sports company, you’ll likely need a collection of sharp, dynamic images. On the other hand, if you’re a cleaning blog, then you might opt for simple, minimalist imagery. This brand identity should come out in all images that you use.

Know Your Audience

As with any visual content designed to appeal, another vital consideration with images is how the audience might react. Having an understanding as to the kind of imagery your audience usually reacts positively towards can help you to determine what style of imagery is best suited to your site.

The easiest way to understand this is to compare the websites of your successful competitors. If you see any consistencies, such as the use of floral or aspirational images, this can be used to guide your pictures in the right direction.

Once you have a base understanding of what image styles are popular with your audience, look to create variation based on the unique message of your brand. Using both aspects, you can create appealing imagery that stands out against the competition.

Be Human

The trick to establishing an online audience for both businesses and bloggers is coming across as genuine. With the amount of competition out there, it’s more important than ever that you establish a human connection between your brand and your viewer. Images play a significant role in making sure you make that connection.

And that’s where companies like PikWizard and the wonderful world of digital editing through platforms like Adobe come into play. For instance, Misty and her team with Photography by Misty offer off-the-backdrop headshot sessions, where they ”teleport” their clients from a plain white backdrop to an abstract white backdrop (some of their faves) or any of PikWizard’s thousands of backgrounds.

If people feel like they can trust you they will be able to click on good pictures and find good and adapted solutions.

Aspirational images are a good example. Such images, like people on mountain tops, are good for evoking emotions in our audience. However, the photos must remain grounded – if they’re too outlandish, they won’t be believable, and the audience will disconnect. Make sure you find the right balance to keep your potential consumers engaged as they explore your site.

Keep Images High Quality

For many, this goes without saying, but it’s something worth re-iterating. If you want to appeal to the modern consumer, your images must be of high quality.

A growing majority now use high-end mobile devices to browse online, discover new blogs and explore businesses. These smartphones are now being created with top-of-the-range HD and 4K displays, meaning images are shown in incredible vividity.

While, in many cases, HD images are still acceptable, you must ensure that all your pictures reach this mark at a minimum. A standard-definition image will often appear pixelated on the best devices, which could cost you potential customers.

Here at PikWizard, we have a wide range of premium stock photos that are free for commercial use! If you want to see our collection in action, why not check out our social media channels?