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How To Make a Mood Board

Trying to figure out how to make a mood board?

If you’re looking to artistically express your ideas for any purpose, you can create a mood online vision board. Making a mood board is common in several artistic fields such as fashion or interior design. But they can also be used for any business or personal purposes and are becoming increasingly popular.

PikWizard has a wide range of mood board worthy photos for your design.

What Is a Mood Board?

Mood board collage of a beige bedroom aesthetic - How to make a beautiful mood board with free online tools - Image

A mood board is a collection of images put together to express a concept. You can use a mood board to express your ideas in a clear, visual fashion.

Mood boards can be a physical or digital collage. There are many materials you can use to make one. But if you want to save time and money, digital mood boards provide almost limitless options. You can avoid the stationery store and find thousands of images and other design elements with just a few clicks.

What Should a Mood Board Look Like?

Mood boards aren’t stand-alone images. They are collections of various designs that create a “mood” or theme. But beyond the mood itself, there is no definitive answer to what a mood board should look like.

Of course, the best mood boards fit into the context they are created for. So, to create a mood board with the right appearance, it’s best to start with the right template.

Fashion Mood Boards

Mood boards are especially common in the beauty and fashion industries. You can start working on your mood board with images from PikWizard’s beauty/fashion library.

Business Mood Boards

A business mood board will typically have a more professional appearance. They are meant to align with a professional business brand. They will also feature cooler colors more prominently.

Are you putting a business mood board together? If so, PikWizard also has a library of contextually appropriate business and finance images.

Nature Mood Boards

Nature enthusiasts typically go for altogether different imagery. If you want a beautiful, nature-themed mood board, check out the epic collection of images on PikWizard.

Art Mood Boards

Art projects come with their own unique moods. PikWizard’s art image collection includes hundreds of images from different crafts.

Why Make a Mood Board?

A mood board can serve one of several different purposes. When you learn how to create a mood board, you are visualizing a creative process.

Whether it’s for a collaborative effort or just personal inspiration, creating a mood board can be more useful than a randomized collage.

Mood Boards Provide Direction

The most common professional use for a mood board is providing direction or inspiration for a group effort. A mood board can be a strong component of the brainstorming process. In the early stages of a business, they are also a part of the branding process.

They can help you and your colleagues save time and effort when you’re trying to incubate an idea. New team members are immediately introduced to the theme of your work.

Mood Boards Quickly Communicate Concepts To Your Colleagues

In this sense, a mood board is meant to create a smooth transition between an initial concept and a first draft. They are the foundation that precedes your initial work. So, you can use a mood board as a tool for visually organizing thoughts.

How To Make A Great Mood Board

Creating a mood board is easy. You can create a simple board in a matter of minutes if you’d like. Or, you can put more time and effort into it and make a more creative one. Either way, you will end up following the same process.

1. Brainstorming

First, every endeavor large or small will start with a brainstorming session. Ask yourself (or your colleagues) what you hope to achieve.

The purpose of your mood board will lay the foundation of its design. Your next steps will depend on the theme/brand and purpose behind your project.

Ask yourself a few questions about who will be using your mood board. Will it be colleagues, a client, or just you? After you brainstorm, you can move onto the more practical steps.

2. Collect Your Design Materials

Next, you will need to gather the design materials you will use for your board. For a physical board, this may include cut-outs and creative materials of all kinds. For a digital board, you can use all your on-hand files and any of the thousands of images and graphic elements on PikWizard and Design Wizard.

The best part about a digital mood board is that you don’t need to have anything on hand. You can always find the image files you want to add later. If you need more design elements, you can then use resources from PikWizard and Design Wizard.

3. Choose A Template

Mood board design is already easy. But it’s still easiest if you start with the right template.

Your template choice is simple when it comes to mood boards. You just need to pick a colour scheme or a background with some more detail that fits your theme. That means a template can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

For example, an appropriate template for a tech project can just include a cool-colored background. Or, you use one that includes a few tech-themed images already displayed.

4. Add Images & Text

Once you’ve chosen your template, you can add whatever elements you’d like to it. This normally includes personal, business, or stock imagery, among other things.

You can source images from many places, but it’s easiest to use one source with many stock images. You can also use the same source for creative designs and other tools. For example, you can add inspirational quotes with text boxes with custom sizes, colours, and fonts.

This step can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. Many mood boards simply feature a few images and a quote. But some are more descriptive, allowing for more inspiration to be drawn by other viewers.

Other typical examples would be logo design and other company images.

5. Edit Using Creative Features

You can include other creative imagery to communicate your brand or company goals. You can make a digital mood board come to life by using other creative features. You can’t exactly include a GIF on a physical mood board, can you?

A digital mood board can include video, GIFs, or sounds. Adding them might be appropriate in some cases.

6. Review Your Work And Make Changes

Only with a digital mood board can you thoroughly and easily edit a mood board. A normal mood board draft will come across as a bit messy. Using Design Wizard, you can edit and organize mood board elements.

You should pay attention to keep your design in line with your brand. Fortunately, making changes is easy and you can quickly edit your design and make it more appropriate.

7. Download

A mood board being created with beach imagery - How to make a beautiful mood board with free online tools - Image

Once you’re done creating your mood board, you can quickly start using it. All you need to do is click the download button. You can then choose to download either a jpg or png file for your mood board.

If you ever want to make changes to your mood board, it’s easy to start editing again. Your design will be saved on Design Wizard. You can simply log back in and pick up where you left off.

Once you download your file, you can display it wherever you choose to.

8. (Optional) Share Your Board With Others

If your mood board isn’t a purely personal tool, you can get feedback from others. Share your board with your friends or colleagues and find out how they feel. You can then use this feedback to plan any future edits.

Should I Make Physical Or Digital Mood Boards?

Nothing is stopping you from creating a mood board from whatever material you like. But the great thing about a digital mood board is that you can print it out. After you print it, you can add whatever physical materials you want to it.

Digital mood boards are free to create and it’s easier to access artistic resources. All you need is your computer and an internet connection. Everything you need is in one place and you can share your design far more easily.

If any part of this process sounds intimidating to you, try getting started with Pikwizard and Design Wizard.

Design a Mood Board Right Now

Exploring your creative options is easy and you can start right now. PikWizard and Design Wizard offer many different tools while keeping your design interface simple so you can create your first mood board quickly. You can also add your own images to the design.