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How To Create Beautiful Online Vision Boards

Having goals and actually achieving them can sometimes be two very different concepts! Online vision boards are really useful tools that help bridge that gap.

The purpose of an online vision board is to stay focused on your goals in a really inspiring and visual way. They are also fun and easy to make.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is an image and tool that is meant to remind you of your long-term goals. Vision boards, which are sometimes called “dream boards”, are a collection of images and text. The things you post on your vision board are supposed to provide clarity and vision about what you want in life.

Vision boards are tools that follow the law of attraction. Your life will progress in large part based on your intentions. To help you direct your progression, you can use a vision board to lead your daily actions towards the direction you choose.

You can create a vision board in many different ways. They can be made with as little as paper and a pencil. You can also make a vision board on a poster, a corkboard, or any other creative device you can think of.

You can also prepared a moodboard, that will help user to know and have a global visualisation. 

Vision board example with stock images - How to make a beautiful digital vision board with free online vision board maker in 5 steps - Image

While this may all sound fun, it’s also a time-consuming process. That’s why many people opt to create an online vision board.

There are plenty of online design tools that let you create a vision board. They offer all the creative features you need to make the ideal vision board for you. You can make them as simple or as abstract as you’d like.

How Do Online Vision Boards Work?

Creating your own online vision board is easy. You simply need to find the right place to get started.

Vision boards can also come packaged as a:

  • Action board
  • Digital vision board
  • Dream board
  • Mood board
  • Visualization board

Pikwizard is unlike any other stock website because it also offers a free image editor called Design Wizard. Together, they make it so easy to create an online vision board. Every photo in PikWizard can be customized by clicking the ‘Edit Image For Free’ button which will open the image in Design Wizard.

PikWizard screenshot of an image and the 'edit image for free' button - How to make a beautiful digital vision board with free online vision board maker in 5 steps - Image

The whole process is quick, easy and fun!

Popular Types Of Vision Boards

Business Vision Boards

Vision boards are often an accompanying feature of work projects. Business vision boards require a professional appearance you can build upon. PikWizard’s business and finance images were created with those needs in mind.

There is different graphic design tips that you can use to improve yourself.

Technology Vision Boards

The imagery associated with the tech sector typically comes with a similar color scheme and mood to those of the business sector. PikWizard offers tech images that are professional, but also interesting and inspired.

Arts Image Boards

The arts come with a different form of inspiration that is more colourful than the other examples. If you are looking for a warmer appearance appropriate to an artistic setting, PikWizard has a wide range of art images for your inspiration.

Sports & Exercise Image Boards

If you’re hoping to get moving and build motivation for pushing the limits, a different kind of vision board is needed. Epic, adrenaline-filled imagery of overcoming challenges is more appropriate.

PikWizard offers a library of Sports stock images from many different sports and physical activities.

Restaurant & Food Vision Boards

Restaurant images should be as appetizing as the food restaurants serve. With that in mind, PikWizard has many delicious images for you to add to a restaurant vision board.

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Online Vision Boards

Whatever type of style of vision board you have in mind, you can get started right away. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a new vision board soon.

Step One: Create A PikWizard Account

Create a new PikWizard account to get started. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right of the page to add your email and become a member of Pikwizard - now you’re ready to start the creative process.

Step Two: Choose Your Images

To begin your vision board, you will need images that represent your goals. Browse PikWizard and save your favorite photos as you go. (They will be safely stored in your favorites folder.)

Screenshot of three rows of popular searches in PikWizard - How to make a beautiful digital vision board with free online tools in 5 steps - Image

When you find the perfect photo to get your online vision board started, just click ‘Edit Image For Free’ and you will be transported to Design Wizard where your photo will be pasted onto a canvas in the image editor workspace.

You shouldn't underestimated the effects of colour schemes on graphic design, PikWizard will help you make the good choice! It's important to know and understand that some colours that go well together and they can be useful.

To follow the graphic design trends and help your followers understand your work, you have respect like : Actual trends, standard photo sizes...

Step Three: Choose The Right Dimension For Your Design

The default size for all images that come from PikWizard is Facebook Post sized-canvas which is 1200 px by 900 px. This is where the magic happens! Press the resize button to transform this canvas to any size you want for your online vision board.

There is a wide range of digital sizes available, you can choose from any of the premade canvas sizes or start from scratch with a custom size. The largest digital size available is 5600 pixels by 5600 pixels.

It is important to get the dimensions correct, for example, if you want to create a vision board for your desktop, you should pick a canvas that matches the pixel dimensions of your desktop.

The best thing about PikWizard and Design Wizard is that you can change your canvas size from digital to print so that it is possible to create an online vision board as well as a physical, printed vision board.

Step Four: Customise Your Vision Board With Text & Imagery

When you’re editing your vision board, Design Wizard offers several tools and features that will help to elevate your design. To start, there’s an extensive library of images to choose from. You can customize and crop images you place on the vision board.

Click the photo to change its position and size. Don’t forget to save as you go.

Add text from our wide range of font styles, you can change the size and color of your text.

Screenshot of a PikWizard image within the design wizard editing tool - How to make a beautiful digital vision board with free online tools in 5 steps - Image

Design Wizard offers a shapes feature that allows you to insert borders into your vision board. These borders can be used to separate individual dreams and ideas. You can also use the feature to insert text boxes for inspirational quotes or other sources of inspiration.

You can customize the shade of each design you’re working on in Design Wizard. The drop-down tool allows you to create a whole palette of colors in just a few minutes.

Of course, there are many filters you can use to create impactful final touches. Filters such as technicolor, greyscale, and vintage can provide the final alterations that you need.

Choose a Colour Scheme to Match Your Vision H4

Your color scheme is important. Choosing one before you start adding images and embellishing the board will allow you to consistently build upon your template.

Your choice of color scheme can surround the theme of your vision. For example, if you love the outdoors and environmentalism, you can choose a natural, green color scheme. Design Wizard offers a wide range of outdoor, green images.

If your vision is closely tied to your career, you can choose a color scheme that is relevant to your industry.

In the end, the important step is to choose the color scheme that speaks to you and motivates you the most.

Step Five: Download Your Design

When you’re done with your editing, you can download your vision board on Design Wizard. All it takes is a couple of clicks, and your image will be ready as either a png or jpg file. From here, you can do whatever you’d like with your vision board

Remember, the quality of your vision board’s appearance will depend on the dimensions you chose when you got started. If you don’t think your image looks as well as you thought it would, you can go back and switch to a different template.

In any case, the end goal is to display your vision board somewhere. Leaving your vision board as a digital file you can’t constantly see defeats the purpose of creating one. So, put your vision board somewhere you will see it all the time. The more you see it, the more the image will stay in your head and become a part of your future.

Once you have a complete vision board, you just need to choose how to display it. You can use them as wallpapers, social media banners, and more. You can also print them out so you can see them on your bedroom wall whenever you wake up.

Share Your Vision Board Online

Your vision board doesn’t have to be completely personal. Most goals that people achieve are reached with the help of others. You can work out alone, but sometimes going to the gym with your friends will help you stay accountable and determined.

You can share your vision board with others and even create your vision board alongside your friends. A system of accountability is seldom a bad thing.

To start, you can share your vision board online. When others see your vision for your ideal future, you will feel more obliged to work hard for your dreams.

Track Your Goals

Vision boards work best when you can track your progress towards achieving your vision. The board is a good tool for reminding you why you do what you do. But they won’t make you actually pursue the vision.

You can develop a plan to reach your goals and write it out alongside your online vision board. When your goals are all represented on your vision board, you will have both a visual reminder and a tracking mechanism.

Creating a vision board prompts you to put serious, creative energy into what your goals are and what they look like. A checklist offers additional pressure to reach them.

Create The Vision Board That Speaks For You

When you’re building your vision board, you are creating a reminder that speaks to you directly. You will most likely display it in a few places where only you will see it. You can also share a vision board on social media if you want to share it

With any kind of vision board, it’s important to add personality at each step. You can edit your design later, but it’s best to stick with the initial design you created.

A vision board isn’t a one-stop-shop for motivation. But it’s a tool that forces you to visualize and revisit a representation of your ideal future. So, be patient, be creative, and be hopeful during every step of your creative process.

A good place to start is by using a template that is relevant to you. You can then build upon it to create an industry-specific board that is relevant to the people it is shown to.

Start Making Your Online Vision Board Today

You can get started on your online vision board for free right now.

Start browsing PikWizard for the photos you need to make a personalized design. You can then go directly to Design Wizard to paint a complete picture of your ideal future.