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Our Favorite Halloween Images

Bringing you our favourite Halloween images.

With autumn well underway, many people are preparing for Halloween and the spooky festivities that come with the day!

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Halloween continues to grow in popularity, and nowadays, many businesses join in the fun by posting Halloween-themed content on their social media and blog, or by producing spooky products for the festivities!

If you’re looking to write or post about Halloween for your blog or business, then you may need some free stock images to make the post more of a treat than a trick!

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Here we share some of our favourite Halloween images that we think are frightfully good!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is an autumnal activity associated with Halloween that anyone can get involved with. The pumpkin is a blank canvas for you to carve out a spooky or funny image.

In this picture, a man is beginning to cut open the pumpkin, ready to prepare it. It’s probably a nicer image to capture than the ensuing period of having to scoop out all the seeds and flesh within this pumpkin that comes next in the process!

What would you carve into this pumpkin?

Jack O’-Lanterns

Of course, we cannot mention pumpkin carving without featuring the resulting Jack O’Lantern!

This pair of quirky pumpkins have been carved to look more funny than spooky. Carving a face into a pumpkin is a classic option, but in recent years, people have taken to carving more elaborate designs, like television characters or words.


Halloween is all about spookiness, so you might be after an image with a slightly darker hint to it. This image of a woman in black holding an animal skull while surrounded by candles and pumpkins evokes a witchy atmosphere and is perfect for a slightly spookier effect.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating is a core part of Halloween – knocking on people’s doors and shouting “Trick or Treat!” in the hope of gaining some candies or chocolates.

This picture shows a hefty haul of Halloween goodies in a pumpkin bucket, but from the looks of those spooky spiders, there were a few tricks amongst these treats!

Halloween goodies in a pumpkin bucket is a great Halloween gift idea for kids. There are many more scary and sweet Halloweens which you can pick to give someone.

When looking for images to use on social media or on blogs, we love pictures like this that use a lot of black or empty space, as it gives you an area to add your own text. Whether you’re promoting a Halloween product or event, or simply want to wish your followers a Happy Halloween, an image like this is ideal!

Woman Holding a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are clearly a strong theme when it comes to Halloween, but this image has the added bonus of being held by a slightly spookily-dressed woman.

The black dress and black fingernails add to the Halloween feeling, giving off a slightly witchy vibe. If you’re after a Halloween-related image that is a bit spooky without being too scary, then this could be perfect.

What imagery makes you think of Halloween the most?