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6 Types of Graphics Used in Business Marketing

When promoting your product or service as a business, having eye catching and engaging imagery is vital to attracting new customers. Tacky, ill- thought-out or irrelevant images can be damaging for a brand’s reputation and be a real turnoff for a potential customer. On the other hand, graphics that engage, inspire and are eye catching can allow you to build a reputable brand that is synonymous with quality.

Sometimes, finding the right graphic for the occasion can be tricky, especially when trying to appeal to a wide audience. Therefore, we have searched some of our favourite graphic design tips that can be used across your business’ marketing campaign. The graphic will help your business to grow.

Flat Lays

Flat lays are the popular graphic design trends which is popular on loan from bloggers and ecommerce stores as they provide a prime opportunity to show off the aesthetics of products. These are often used for reviews, new product releases or other product-related marketing materials.

The essence of a flat lay is top down photography on a spaced out selection of items beneath the lens. Often, this will include the focus object, along with relevant items. For example, a new phone being released could be photographed alongside headphones, a note pad and some glasses to create a stylish flat lay. A flat lay  is simple yet effective and can add value to your marketing campaign without costing much to create.

Product Images

Product images are vital for all sellers and suppliers of products. Whether you are selling your own products or reselling other brands, having high- quality and comprehensive product images can give you the edge over the competition.

Product images should be truthful and realistic, showcasing the features of the product and providing customers with an accurate picture of the size, scale and style of the product. In some cases, having a professional photographer take your product images can be a great option, as spending the extra money can result in more sales in the long term.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images are a great way to show off your product or service in action. They are designed to show real people doing real things, to showcase how great, easy to use or effective your product is. Alternatively, if you own a service such as a plumbing business, you can include photos of plumbers on the job, carrying out their jobs with a smile on their face.

Lifestyle images can easily be found online on royalty free image websites such as PikWizard. For product speficic images, you may have to take some of these yourself. However, for some services, such as an opticians or mechanic, you could easily find high-quality free-to-use images available online.


Infographics have risen in popularity in recent years with our ever diminishing attention span. For people that want to consume information in a quick and palatable format, infographics are great. Although they do not offer indepth information on subjects, they can be a great way to convey information quickly while appealing to a larger audience.

There are a number of tools available online that you can use to create great-looking infographics without being charged extortionate monthly sums. Many of these use a simple drag and drop format and are more than capable of producing great looking images for your business marketing.

It’s possible to use infographics for any number of purposes: manufacturing statistics, recipes, instructions, competitor comparisons are just a few.


If you can’t capture what you’re looking for in a photo or infographic, why not design it yourself? New, modern and quirky businesses enjoy using illustrations within their marketing; who doesn’t love an illustrated dog selling them smoothies?

Illustrations should be done by someone with experience in the field, as a bodged job can end in horrific results. Remember, there’s a very fine line between cute and creepy.

You should also consider whether your business suits an illustrated graphic approach. Serious professional businesses may favour more business- appropriate graphics whereas companies that can breath personality into their marketing may opt for a more informal approach.

Social Media-Ready

Social media-ready graphics can drastically change your presence and authority on social media platforms. These graphics don’t have to be different to the ones you use across the rest of your business branding, but will need to be sized to fit the necessary platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all have different image requirements; therefore, knowing these will help you maximise your space on there and showcase your professionalism.

Graphics and graphic design quotes will make up a large portion of your business’ online presence, which means having high-quality images and effects of coulour schemes on graphic design is vital to making a great impression on your customers. With PikWizard, you have access to thousands of free-to-use high-quality images that can be implemented across your website and marketing materials.