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Captivating Christmas Images: Our Handpicked Festive Favorites

Bringing you our favorite Christmas images to celebrate the festive season!

There is always an opportunity to instill a bit of festive cheer into your online content during December - whether this is through overtly Christmas images or more evocative pictures of twinkling lights!

Here at PikWizard, we know how valuable high-quality images can be in the creation of online content. If you want to conjure up festive feelings via your content, look no further than our stock photos of free-to-use images perfect for bringing life to blogs and social media posts.

To get you in the Christmas spirit, we’ve collected some of our favorite Christmassy images!

Christmas Trees

Let’s start with a classic; the Christmas tree! Is there anything that does a better job of making people think of the festive season than a fully decked-out Christmas pine? The combinations of the green tree and red and gold decorations crystallize the perfect image of a traditional Christmas.

We especially love this particular photo because it's artful and out of focus- quality gives an extra cozy, dreamlike feel, the photograph take great pictures. The small flecks of falling snow work as a wonderful overlay that help to soften the overall image! This image can be the perfect background idea for the Christmas period.


Speaking of snow, our next favorite is just that! Many of us find ourselves dreaming of a white Christmas, making snowy imagery another staple of the season.

We love the beautiful blanket of snow and stark trees in the above image. Snowy pictures like this one can bring elegance and a festive feeling to any piece of written content. This pictures cam give ideas for new year images.

Christmas Cookies

One of the best things about the Christmas period is the food! Using food imagery is always an effective way to connect with an audience and get them invested in your content – especially when said food is some cute homemade Christmas cookies.

These wintery biscuits set against the backdrop of oranges and pinecones conjure up the delicious smells of the season. This image exudes warmth, perfect for Christmas time!

Festive Decorations

In a similar way to Christmas trees themselves, festive decorations are an immediate signifier of the holiday season and are a joy to behold. Everyone is familiar with the fun and excitement of decorating a tree, and these are the feelings that photos full of decorations can bring up.

The soft glow from the lighting sets these decorations up to sparkle and shine with traditional festive colors; the image is infused with plenty of Christmas magic and excitement!

Christmas Presents

Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but let’s face it, they’re a pretty great part of the holiday!

This image puts us right in the Christmas spirit – it’s clean and crisp with these stunningly wrapped presents and winter decorations that are strewn across the backdrop. There are lots of Christmassy vibes in this photo that exude elegance and comfort.

The hot chocolate with snowman marshmallow adds yet another hint of the festive spirit!

In the meantime check out these vibrant winter Photoshop actions.


Stockings are another Christmas classic; who doesn’t relate to the excitement of finding a full stocking hanging by the fire on Christmas morning?

This is a great image; with the present and striped candy canes poking out of the Santa-themed stocking the Christmas aesthetic is perfectly encapsulated.

Which is your favorite Christmas pic? We have plenty more to choose from here on PikWizard, so if you have been inspired to sprinkle a bit of festive fun into your content, explore our library of free standard photos size.