Our Favorite New Year Images

In continuation of our favorite images series, we explore our top New Year images. 2020 has been a challenging year for all, so we can’t wait to ring in 2021 - with some wonderful imagery, of course!

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But what kind of images give the best New Year vibes?


The new year always starts with a bang, with an explosion of firework displays happening across the globe, so it’s only fitting we kick our list off with them as well!

Here, we love the bold, sparkling colors that only the festive explosions can bring! Fireworks always look spectacular, and their majesty has been perfectly captured in this photo.

The contrast of the bright fireworks against the dark night sky helps evoke the feeling of New Year’s Eve just before midnight.


For most people, the new year also begins with a celebratory drink!

Our next top New Year’s image is these elegant glasses of champagne. The champagne flutes full of the bubbly drink make for a great photo. You can imagine looking out onto the horizon and cheering to a new year full of new opportunities.

New Growth

Speaking of new opportunities, we’ve chosen our next image to capture that sentiment. Celebrating a new year is all about looking forward to new adventures and growth!

For us, this image of tiny green shoots emerging from the dirt symbolises a positive future in 2021 - one where we can all grow and look forward, leaving any unpleasantries of 2020 behind us!

Writing Resolutions

This one is for all the planners and organizers! This image is full of memories of sitting down on the first of January with a notebook and pen ready to document New Year’s resolutions for the coming year.

The above image is full of good intentions – a blank page ready to fill with all the hopes and dreams that the new year can bring. Here’s to setting the new year off right!

Toasting With Friends

Toasting to a prospective good year with friends is another essential part of the holiday but gathering in large groups is sadly still not possible just yet.

However, this reminiscent image reminds us of the cheer and joy around this time of year. There is a sense of bubbling excitement, and we look forward to sharing this time again in an imminent post-COVID world!

New Dawn

And finally, after all the New Year’s Eve festivities have run their course, there comes a new dawn and a new day. This sunrise image contains some stunning colours and the mirrored sun gives a pleasing sense of symmetry.

Hopefully, 2021 will begin with a new dawn as beautiful as this!

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