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How to Make Your Blog Posts More Interesting

Starting a blog is easy enough, but creating content that people want to read and find engaging can pose a bit more of a challenge.

Making sure your blog posts are interesting is essential to grow your blog online, or for helping to convert readers into clients.

So, to help you on your way to a better blog, we’ve shared some top tips on how to make your posts more interesting and allow you to become a good content creator.

Avoid Posting Walls of Text

When people read a web page, they are usually scanning for relevant info. It is much easier to do this when text is broken up into smaller chunks.

Keep paragraphs small – only a few lines – rather than one big wall of text. This is especially important when you consider mobile users, as scrolling through a huge block of text on a small screen can be daunting.

Use headings blog topics, bullet points, and images to break up bodies of text and make it all more interesting to read.

Also pay attention to the visual part of your blog, especially the one that will be seen first. Here a hero image can be helpful. 

Use Your Voice

When it comes to blogging, being authentically you is key to creating an interesting blog. Letting your personality shine through your words creates a connection for your reader, and they’ll be more interested in what you are saying.

Consider the level of professionalism you want, as there is a difference between being personable and oversharing too much on your blog!

An easy way of doing this is to write in the first person, as this seems more natural, resembling a normal conversation between you and the reader.

Keep Things Specific

If you’re searching for information online, you want a simple answer straight away. No one wants to read through a bunch of rambling and loosely connected topics in one piece.

Keep each piece on topic and deal with solving one question in your posts at a time to make them easier to read.

Plus, by having more specific posts, you have plenty of other topics to cover in subsequent blogs!


Visuals are just as important as the text in a blog.

Articles that include images get 94% more views than those that don’t, according to OptinMonster.

It is important that the images you use are of high-quality, as blurry, out of focus images can look unprofessional and off-putting. A great tool for bloggers are free stock photo sites, such as PikWizard.

Here, you can find over a million high-quality images that can be used to make your blog posts more interesting!


When you hear the word statistics, you might think that it sounds too boring for a blog post. However, they can add great value and interest to a blog post.

In fact, we used a statistic in the section above to highlight how important it is to use images!

If people are looking for information, then seeing statistics in your post make it sound more credible and can be very interesting to the person seeking the knowledge.

Statistics can also provide a great opportunity to create graphics to accompany your blog, such as graphs or charts, which can add further interest to your post.

Don’t Worry about Word Count

Word counts are fairly important in blogging, but it shouldn’t become something you fixate on to the detriment of your content.

There’s a lot of debate amongst blogging professionals about what the ‘optimum’ word count is. The general consensus is that anything over 300 words is good, 700 words is golden, but you can happily go up to 2,000 without losing readers.

Rather than trying to reach a set word count every time, write however much needs to be written! If a post is done in 500 words, with nothing more to say, leave it there without adding fluff. Excessive words can make people lose interest.

Likewise, if you are covering a larger topic that needs a lot of details and explanations, then don’t be afraid to write more. If it is a post that will provide people with information that they are looking for, then they will be interested in reading it.

We hope that this tips will help you for your blog and maybe on day turn blogging into a full time career.

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