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The Top 25 Best Zoom Backgrounds on PikWizard

In this new age of social distancing and remote working necessity, Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed. People have resorted to online video calls to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. To keep it fresh, people are looking for the best Zoom backgrounds to use during their calls.

Zoom is currently one of the most common platforms for holding meetings of all kinds. In fact, Zoom surpassed 300 million daily meeting participants in 2020, that’s a 50% increase from 2019.

So whether it's a quiz or a conference, we've pick into our stock photos 25 of PikWizard's best zoom backgrounds, completely free.

Why Use a Zoom Background?

There are many reasons to use Zoom backgrounds. Even if you clean your room and set up a nice background for your webcam, you can easily take things a step further with Zoom backgrounds.

A realistic Zoom virtual background can add professionalism to your meetings. Or, if you’d prefer, they can just add an interesting and eye-catching backdrop that hides your messy room.

Free Zoom backgrounds can be professional, entertaining, cartoonish, aesthetic, or whatever else you want yours to be. They can be as simple or complex as you want a background to be as well.


There are many different and exciting designs that you can use for your specific Zoom presentations. Pikwizard has the best backgrounds for a meeting or presentation.

If you’re planning on going to a virtual business meeting, Pikwizard has virtual office Zoom backgrounds. If you’re doing a presentation on astrology, you could use an appropriate astrological background of the stars. There are limitless situations where a Zoom background could be worthwhile.

With a combination of realistic virtual Zoom backgrounds, color patterns, workspaces, parties, and concerts, themes cover everything from outer space to the landscape of a good backyard.

Best Zoom Backgrounds From Pikwizard

Here are zoom backgrounds from PikWizards libraries. Browse through our Zoom categories and choose your free Zoom background to download. Each of standard photo sizes would be a great background for your zoom backgrounds.

Business And Workplace Interior Background

Free business zoom backgrounds can add a professional look to your Zoom meetings. Make it look as though you're in an office, from your kitchen. Forget about those dirty dishes by the sink, or sparse wall with no art. Our workplace and office zoom background brings the office to your home. Here you can find the perfect workplace background idea.

The Sky

For people looking to create a more relaxed setting, Pikwizard offers many sky and space backgrounds. These dark backgrounds don’t distract from your appearance in a Zoom meeting, but they add a nice, quiet-appearing backdrop.


Interesting design backgrounds can work best in situations where you want to make a statement, or simply add something different to your meetings. In other cases, a simpler design background image might be best. These Zoom backgrounds keep everything appropriate for many kinds of Zoom meetings. Some are also fun options with a bit more flare.

Greenery & Outdoors Background

Everyone likes the outdoors. Lighten the mood and pretend you're on holiday. If you are bored of looking at the same screen and background on your zoom call each day, mix it up with a holiday landscape. Or, if you have presentations that correlate with greenery or gardening topics, these Zoom backgrounds will fit the context. However, they can also be used in any situation. Outdoor backgrounds are interesting choices and a way to keep things fresh and seasonal in the age of online meetings.


Let loose with these free Zoom backgrounds based in more social settings. These may not be good choices for business meetings on Zoom. But if you work in a more casual field or are having a family/friends night in, these backgrounds are the best options for you.

Choosing A Free Zoom Background

When you’re choosing your favorite free Zoom backgrounds, consider what you want meeting attendees to see. The options we’ve just gone over are free for you to try. All you need to do is choose the Zoom background you want to use and set it up on online vision board.

Edit Backgrounds On Design Wizard

If you think your favorite image could use a few personal touches or preparing a moodboard, you can add them by editing them Lightroom with Free Lightroom Presets!

You can edit PikWizard’s Zoom backgrounds on Design Wizard. Design Wizard allows you to edit templates using free and easy-to-use tools.

When you’re browsing for backgrounds on PikWizard, you will see an “Edit Image for Free” button. Click on the button to be redirected to Design Wizard. When you’re done making your changes, you can download your background image from Design Wizard.

How To Add Your Free Zoom Background To Your Zoom Meetings & Calls

You can use the Virtual Background feature from Zoom to change your background for meetings. You can display an image or a video as your background.

A realistic Zoom virtual background works best with a physical green screen in a space with uniform lighting. This allows Zoom to more efficiently detect the difference between you and your background so it can separate the two easily. Once you have downloaded your free background, simply upload it to your zoom account.

Recommended Best Zoom Background Setup


First of all, make sure your desktop or mobile meets Zoom’s minimum prerequisites. While most systems can support a background without a real green screen, the following processors cannot:

  • i7-5xxxU series processors with 2 cores
  • i5-5xxxU/5xxxH/5xxxR/5xxxC series processors with 2 or 4 cores

General Zoom Setup Recommendations

The best effect will be created using a solid color screen. Green is the most highly recommended color. You can find green screens on Amazon or from other online merchants.

There is one important thing to remember about your solid color background: don’t wear any clothes of the same color. That would create an awkward sight for Zoom meeting attendees…

If you want your background to appear with the highest quality possible, you’ll need a higher-quality camera. The higher quality your camera is, the better your Zoom background will appear.

The more consistent the lighting is in the space you use for Zoom meetings, the better. Uniform lighting will create the best possible effect.

You must enable “virtual background” for your background to appear in your next Zoom meeting. This must be done outside of the Zoom client while it is inactive.

To Enable Virtual Background

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator
  2. Use the navigation menu to click “account management” then “account settings”
  3. In the “meeting” tab, find the “virtual background” option under the “Meeting (advanced)” section
  4. Verify that virtual background is enabled
  5. If the setting is off, click the toggle to enable it
  6. If you want this setting mandatory for all users, click on the lock option and lock the setting in place

Using Your New Background For a Call

To use your new free Zoom background, first sign into the Zoom desktop client. Click on your profile picture and then click through to settings.

You will find “Virtual Background” displayed. From here, you can select your background. Then, sign out and sign back in.

Once you sign back in, you can test whether your background works. You can test your green screen and make the other relevant adjustments to make sure your background appears properly.

For Your Meetings

During your meeting, you can scroll over the arrow beside “Start Video”. Click on “Choose Virtual Background”. You may need to download a package for a background if you don’t have a green screen set up.

Otherwise, if all your settings are enabled, your Zoom Background will be displayed during your meeting.

Download Your Favorite Free Zoom Background Now

Zoom backgrounds are great in many situations. Why go through all the work of setting up the perfect background space when all you need is a green screen? After that, just download the free backgrounds you want others to see.

Switching between backgrounds is easy and free. Once you have your Zoom settings set up, switching is easy. You can shift between casual and business backgrounds quickly between meetings.

If you want to tap into your creativity as well, you can edit your free background with Design Wizard.