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How to Start a Photography Blog

Photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly with millennials! More and more people are trying to figure out how to start a photography blog. With almost every phone now equipped with high-quality lenses, people have taken to cataloging their lives like never before.

One of the first step for having a good photography blog is to learn how to take good pictures, the most important part of a photography blog obviously.

With so much content now available online, photography plays a huge role in how everybody expresses themselves. If you want to show off your skills with a camera, then creating a blog can be a great way to get discovered, which is vital if you wish to turn that hobby into a potential career! Here, we guide you through some steps to help you create a successful blog online!

Find Your Niche

As mentioned above, photography is now everywhere in our lives. When it comes to high-quality photography, most people will have a specific subject in which they specialize. Having a particular skill can be vital for getting noticed, especially at the beginning!

Some popular niches that photographers carve for themselves include:

  • Fashion Photography
  • Landscape/architecture photography
  • Sport photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Abstract/artistic photography

While it is possible to branch out and take photos that cover a wide range of areas, if you want to make a name for yourself, it helps to be a specialist in a particular subject.

Create Your Blog

The next thing to do is create your online blog! If you’re new to blogging, the number of options available when it comes to making your online presence can be overwhelming. However, if you simply want a URL that links to your pictures and you’re not too fussed about the rest, blogging can be effortless! Sites such as WordPress and Blogger offer free blogs that can be created in minutes without any need for website experience!

Build Your Portfolio

Unlike a traditional blog, for photographers and their photography portfolio, the image is more important than any text! Therefore, if you’re able to consider the layout of your blog, choose a design that puts your shots at the forefront. Consider grouping your favorite pictures into themes that can be browsed by your audience, creating a fluid experience through your best photos. And there's no easier way to group your favorite pictures into themes than with a gallery plugin - check out this great collection of the best photo gallery plugins on the market. 

Don't forget and be careful about laws on copyright for images it will assure you that you will keep your intellectual and graphic property. To be sure of  this, on PikWizard we put some advice for image copyright. If you don't want to take care about all of that stuff you can just be focus on royalty free images, there is some great pictures. 

Alternatively, it might be worth exploring creating your own website using a photography website building platform. It will assure you a good stock photos.

Establish Your Brand

Another thing that can be hugely important for aspiring photographers is branding. When we talk about brands in general, we think of logos, which doesn’t usually apply to photographers that use their names. However, the rest of a brand, namely its colors and style, most certainly applies and can play a massive role in growing your audience.

You need to chose right all the images for website, they have a big consequence on how people look at your website.

Find Your Style

Many high-level photographers will have a style of photography they gravitate towards, consciously or otherwise. This style differs from the niche mentioned above in that it concerns the aesthetics of your shots.

If you’re a city photographer, do you like to produce sharp, black-and-white imagery, or do you find you include a lot of pastel colors? If you’re a wildlife photographer, do you take dynamic photos of birds in action or still images that capture the environment? These differences in tone can help you to find your space, and will also be how your audience recognizes you online!

Find Your Audience

Once everything is in place, it’s time to get out there and find your fans! Very few people will naturally find your work at the beginning, so you need to promote and push your photos towards people who might connect with you.

The number one way to find your audience is through social media. For photographers, this usually means Instagram, but you can also use more niche creative platforms like Behance and Ello. Push your portfolio onto these channels to maximize your potential reach! Once you build a fanbase, so long as your work is appealing, they will share it with like-minded people. This snowball effect is the best way to organically grow your fanbase, which could eventually turn into clients!

We hope that this blog will inspire you to share your photographic skills with the world! If you need a professional design tool to showcase your shots, check out DesignWizard, designed specifically with bloggers and small businesses in mind!