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35 Creative YouTube Video Ideas for Your Channel

Explore our YouTube video ideas to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel. Get inspired and provide even more value to your subscribers by trying new topics and angles.

If you’re only getting started on YouTube, this list will give you some insights into different types of videos and how you can apply them to your business to become a content creator.

Owned by Google, YouTube is a powerful search engine that can help drive traffic and sales. Here are a few ideas to help you provide valuable and entertaining content that gets shared and boosts brand awareness.

Introduce Yourself Video Ideas

If you’re only starting out on YouTube, a great option for a first video is to just sit down in front of your camera and introduce yourself. Welcome your new viewers and subscribers to your channel and tell them who you are.

Reel in your audience by talking about all the exciting new content they can expect from you. Give them a compelling reason to subscribe and learn more about your business. Have a plan and structure ready for your first but don’t spend hours overthinking it. You don’t want this to sound scripted and mechanical.

Here are a few different types of introductory YouTube videos to get you inspired:

Make a Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is your opportunity to make a good first impression when viewers initially find your channel. It’s the first video they’ll see, as it’s positioned right at the top and plays automatically when they’ve clicked through.

Keep it brief and focus on the unique features of your content. Update your channel intro frequently with clips from the best videos or funny bloopers to whet potential subscribers’ appetites.

Consider creating an Intro for your channel trailer and all your subsequent videos. If you’re only getting started, free stock footage can offer great options to experiment with. Just take a stock video and edit it to fit your unique channel. Consult on the marketing tips to ensure your intro encapsulates your brand voice.

Have a Q&A Session

Use a Q&A session to introduce followers from other social media platforms to your new YouTube channel. If you’re bringing followers over to YouTube, ask them to submit questions for your first Q&A on your new channel.

Submitting questions and getting an answer from experts in the business themselves helps to put a face to your company and create a more personal connection with customers, as they feel heard and understood.

This is also a great opportunity to host a YouTube premiere where people can submit questions via live chat. Live content is a new social media strategy, so this is a good way to connect your YouTube channel to other platforms and broadcast to other accounts. To complete this cycle, create snippets of your Q&A session and use them to boost your social media content.

Upload Behind the Scenes Footage

Give your subscribers a peek behind the lens of your camera and show them how you prep your videos, record, and edit them. Everyone loves a good tutorial and showcasing your video production process is an incredibly authentic way to do that.

Give your audience some insight into the processes involved in creating your high-quality content and give them advice on how they can do the same. To add a bit of fun, you can also include some outtakes from your last few videos.

Introduce a Friend or Family Member

If one of your friends or a family member is also comfortable in front of a camera, consider introducing them to your audience. This type of video makes your subscribers feel part of a community, as they get to see who you are through the eyes of the people closest to you.

Start the video with a general description of you and what your friends or family members think about you. Follow that with some prepared questions about yourself and you’ll be able to give your viewers a well-rounded image of yourself.

Tell Your Subscribers about Your Experiences in a Story Time Video

Share a story from your life experience that might be interesting to your subscribers. Quirky and funny stories work well for this type of video and they don’t only provide entertainment but also help your audience to get to know you better.

Make sure you create an eye-catching thumbnail that portrays the most dramatic moment in your story to put on your video. YouTubers often craft a YouTube thumbnail size image that draws their audience in with an over-the-top expression on their faces.

Draw Your Life in a YouTube Video

Draw My Life videos involve YouTubers illustrating their life story on a whiteboard while they narrate their experience in a voice-over. These videos usually portray key events in content creators’ lives and form a coherent story up until the present moment.

You can create this kind of video when you start your channel but also later to tell your subscribers new information they might not know about you. Update the video whenever you feel like you’ve gone through major changes in your life.

Start a Discussion Live

Use your YouTube channel to initiate a thought-provoking discussion. Introduce your topic and opinion in a live video to get as many views as possible and ask your audience questions. They can voice their opinions in the comments or even reply with a reaction video.

Gaming YouTube Video Ideas

When YouTube counted their gaming-related channels in 2020, the numbers added up to more than 40 million active gaming channels with an ever-increasing number of subscribers enjoying these types of channels. It’s great news for all the dedicated gamers out there whether you’re a creator or love watching gaming videos.

It means you have tons of footage to watch on your favorite games and can easily get started producing your own. Recordings of gameplay, a live session with your friends, reviews, or filming your reaction to playing a particular game for the first time, the possibilities are endless in this niche.

If you’re a gamer, here are some suggestions you could try to kick off your gaming channel or entertain your audience with a new YouTube video idea:

Show off Your Gameplay in a YouTube Video

Are you finding it easy to get through levels and move through games quickly? If you’re a skilled gamer, use your YouTube channel to show off your skills.

Create walkthroughs to help fellow gamers to get through when they’re stuck. Depending on the game you’re playing, create different videos for different levels or sections.

Provide Valuable Content with Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks videos are usually informal, casual, and funny. Particularly, in the genre of gameplay, you can experiment with how humorous you should make your video to increase watch time.

Advise your audience on the latest game you’ve played, a destination you’ve visited, or a task you’ve completed. To hook your viewers, be sure to point out any hidden gems you found but only let them know where later in the video.

Play with Other Channels

Collaboration is always a great way to drive more traffic to your channel and great advertising techniques. If you’re playing with one of your gaming YouTube friends, let your subscribers know and stream it live.

This is not only fun but you can also recycle content after the live stream is finished. Just take clips of the best moments and put them together in another shorter video. Add some more commentary to provide even more value to your subscribers.

Help Your Viewers with Recommendation Videos

If you’ve played tons of games, chances are that you have opinions on how good the gameplay, the worldbuilding, or the graphics were, and much more. A recommendation video is the perfect setting for you to voice your opinions.

You can directly talk to your camera and talk about your likes and dislikes. Make sure you provide useful information with pros and cons, so your viewers can make up their minds.

Share Your Discoveries in a Glitch Video

Even though games are produced with a lot of working hours and money spent, glitches can still happen. Glitches can range from annoying to hilarious to being helpful.

Gamers look for this kind of information and a great way to point out errors in a game is to make a video about it. It’s a fun video to make and game developers may come across the glitch faster and fix it if there’s visual proof on YouTube.

Display Confidence in Your Live Stream

If you’re a confident gamer, why not take your subscribers on a journey into your world of games in real-time? Announce your live stream well in advance to get viewers excited.

But even if some of your subscribers miss your live stream, they can simply go on your channel and watch the event after. Make sure you point this out in the next few videos after your live stream.

Test a Game and Record it in Several YouTube Videos

Many YouTubers with a substantial following fall into the influencer category. This means that companies send them products for free in exchange for testing and reviewing them.

Businesses use the influence a content creator can have over the buying decisions of subscribers for a greater impact on product launch and to increase sales. If you’re testing games, it’s important to use your test footage and comment on it. Be honest, list your likes and dislikes, and pros and cons.

Beauty & Fashion Video Ideas

YouTubers passionate about fashion and beauty were one of the first people to review products on the video blogging platform and influence buying decisions of their followers. Makeup tutorials or clothes hauls that show off the influencers’ favorite products are now a familiar part of the YouTube channel landscape.

Fashion YouTubers love talking about their style and social media trends. The most popular ones have even gone on to create their own clothing lines. Channels focused on beauty full of expert tips on skincare and hairstyle tutorials are similar or go hand in hand with the fashion genre.

Check out our YouTube video ideas for the beauty & fashion niche:

Share Your Makeup Skills

If you love trying out different styles, you’re passionate about sculpting your face with makeup, and you love recommending your favorite beauty products to your friends, consider packing all that into makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Within the makeup tutorial genre, you also get different types like cosplay, get ready with me, or first impressions of a product. So you can branch out and explain various techniques and how you’ve developed your favorite looks over the years.

What’s in the Bag?

Show your subscribers what’s in your makeup bag. Discuss all your favorite products from foundation to concealer to brushes. This is your opportunity to show your expertise on products you use every day.

Tell your audience why you’re using a particular brand, how you apply it, and how much it costs. Turn it into a playlist with short individual videos in which you discuss each item in your arsenal in more detail.

Review Must-Haves

People who buy beauty products online want to make sure they’re getting high-quality products. To make sure they spend their money wisely, they often look up reviews and want to see how it looks when applied.

This is your chance to grab attention with a video review and make money on YouTube with affiliate links. Just test a specific beauty product and tell your subscribers how you used the product and what you liked or disliked about it.

Share the Joys of Your Latest Shopping Spree with a Clothes Haul Video

Put the new clothes you ordered online or brought back from a shopping spree to good use. Share your new treasures with your YouTube audience. Tell your subscribers why you bought them, where you got them from, and what price they were.

This can be about unpacking your online shopping or could have a more local and sustainable focus. With any luck, the fashion brand you’re talking about in your video might even contact you and send you exclusive items to review.

Review Your Own Beauty & Fashion Products

If you’re a beauty or fashion brand, produce videos for your YouTube channel to show how products work or the styles you can create. You can discuss products in as much detail as you want and answer any questions in the comments.

If you’re discussing more than one product, add links to the various sections in your video in the description to take viewers straight to what they’re looking for. If you’re reviewing products individually, create a playlist that provides an overview of your range. This is also a great way to promote a launch and spark excitement for new products.

Walk Your Subscribers Through Your Daily Routine

Subscribers and dedicated followers of YouTubers in the beauty sphere are usually curious to find out more about their daily routine. Most people struggle to find a good skincare routine that works for them and are eager to get some advice.

Be sure to explain how each product you’re using improves your skin and how it can benefit your viewers too. Explainer Videos like this often include a live demo and product reviews.

Get Ready with Your Subscribers

Get ready with me is a popular video type not only for beauty and fashion channels but also for other busy YouTubers, who discuss other topics while they’re doing their makeup and the beauty and fashion niche, the focus stays on how makeup is applied in different situations. Make it clear in the title what your ‘Get Ready With Me’ video is for. For example, get ready for a date, a dinner, or a ball.

Technology YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re a tech-savvy person and love exploring the latest gadgets and features, you belong in the technology niche on YouTube. Pick the types of tech you want to focus on and follow trends to be among the first to make a video about it. In the fast-paced world of tech, it’s also incredibly important to upload videos frequently.

You can create series about AI for marketing for example and use them for playlists to keep everything in one place and your channel looking professional. A couple of playlists with various reviews are a great way to build trust with an audience, who potentially makes buying decisions according to your knowledgeable opinions.

Here are our YouTube video ideas for tech businesses and tech enthusiasts:

Present Your Tips on How to Use Tech Products and Software

Constant updates and adjustments to new releases make educational videos very popular in the tech genre. An increasing number of educators also recommend YouTube tutorials as a great method to learn about new software.

Make sure you select a relevant feature for your audience and be entertaining in your delivery of helpful information. As a tech business, this is a great way to establish yourselves as go-to experts on the technology you’re selling. Potential buyers who look up reviews are more likely to buy from businesses that share their expertise. You can look to create videos on different pieces of tech such as smart phones released in a month(for eg. Apple's iPhone, Google's Pixel, etc.), new tech products such as editing software's (for eg. different video editor's for yoututbe), programming software's (Pycharm, Eclipse, etc.). Though topical, these videos get a lot of views when the topic is trending   

Review the Latest Edition

Keep up to date with the latest releases of tech and quickly test new products to create reviews for your YouTube channel. Particularly when it comes to buying tech, potential buyers look for reviews to contrast and compare different types of cameras, laptops, phones, or tablets.

Having reviews like this featured on your e-commerce site and hosted on YouTube helps to establish your business as an expert in the industry. It also increases the likelihood of your viewers and subscribers buying from you.

Discuss Algorithm Updates

Algorithm updates and how they may affect our day-to-day lives can be an interesting video topic. There are many YouTube users out there, who want to get some expert and actionable advice on what upgrades mean for their everyday app usage.

Whether you talk about an app or a social media platform, pick an area you’re knowledgeable about. Perhaps you work on a certain platform daily and already spent weeks or months preparing for an update. Put your knowledge to good use and sum it all up in a short video.

Update Your Subscribers with a Beta Version Test

If you’ve been beta testing hardware or software, a great way to share your thoughts and increase your reach is to create videos about it. For example, you can talk about your experience with an updated OS on your smartphone.

Talk about what’s new, if there were any bugs that are now fixed, or if you had any issues with this version of the software. Rather than talking to your camera, use a voice-over and show your viewers around on your device to make clear what worked and what didn’t.

Take Apart Your Computer

This is a video for the tech gurus out there or for businesses, who want to create a more fun review with a shock factor. Taking apart a brand new model of a PC or laptop to see what’s inside is not advisable but many tech enthusiasts have probably dreamed of it, which makes this a perfect premise for a video.

Show off your expertise and discuss the hardware specs of the device. Ask your subscribers and followers to submit questions for you to answer while you’re taking apart brand new tech.

Create Your Own Industry News Update

Put your own spin on the latest news in the tech industry. List new technology coming up and what you’re looking forward to. Talk about which companies acquired other tech businesses or any rumors dominating the market.

Include reputable sources to verify what you’re saying is true. To do this, you can add visuals of articles you’re referring to. Videos like this are a great starting point for discussions, so ask your audience to tell you what they think in the comments.

Make a Comparison Video to Help with Buying Decisions

Compare at least two or more products in your video to provide value to viewers. Structure your video along specific features to not confuse your audience. For example, talk about battery life for all products before you move on to talk about the different graphics cards and their qualities.

Highlight the pros and cons of each feature and give an overall rating at the end. This is also a great opportunity for tech companies with different models or software packages to show off their products. Help your target audience choose which model or package is the right solution for them.

Health & Lifestyle Video Ideas

Views on videos around health, fitness, wellness, and workouts exploded in 2020 due to the global pandemic. Content around lifestyle changes also saw a significant increase.

If you’re a lifestyle coach, fitness trainer, or a business involved in this area, this is the time to build your brand on YouTube. With valuable high-quality content that is helpful for users, who want to improve their quality of life, you can gain subscribers quickly.

Get some video ideas for your new health & lifestyle YouTube channel:

Share Your Yoga Routine

If you’re into fitness and have a good routine going, share it with your viewers and subscribers. Yoga is a popular niche for this type of video. For example, workout videos like 20-minute Yoga morning routines are among the most popular searches for fitness content.

Once you get into it, you can branch out to focus on different topics and create playlists around them. There’s yoga for weight loss, flexibility, to de-stress, or to gently work through aches and pains. Be creative and explore what’s trending.

Give Your Subscribers Your Best Exercise Tips

If you’re an expert when it comes to workouts, don’t keep the little tricks you’ve learned over the years to yourself. Fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts are always looking for good advice on how to improve their training routine. This video idea goes beyond a workout demonstration.

For example, instead of showing the exercises to follow along, discuss the step-by-step process of how to get your body in the right posture or alternative sequences. In short, provide more context for your viewers that they can easily use and incorporate into their training.

Create Your Own Motivational Home Workout Videos

Home workout videos are a great option to increase brand awareness and sales. For a gym, they can be tasters that make people want to come in and start working out. As gyms had to close during the Covid-19 pandemic, videos became a necessity and many instructors switched to providing online classes and tutorials uploaded to YouTube.

But there have always been those, who don’t have a fitness studio near them or can’t fit gym time into their busy schedule. If you choose to go down the route of home workout videos, this group of people are your potential subscribers.

Craft Healthy Meal Plans for Your Audience

Have you tried and tested different diets and think you can give people advice based on your own experiences? Try working within the YouTube niche of healthy lifestyles and go through the diets you’ve tried step by step.

Talk about how to prepare meals, highlight nutritional values, and what might be a challenge when going through this diet. Once you’ve got several videos on the same diet, you can put them in a playlist to make it easier for subscribers to find all relevant videos in one place.

Keep Your YouTube Subscribers Motivated

Your viewers might be incredibly motivated at the start of creating their training routine, as they feel the urge to improve their lifestyles keenly. This initial honeymoon phase fades in the background, as the real routine kicks in and they start finding it hard to keep up the momentum.

This is the perfect time for you to get in there with a motivational video that contains gentle encouragement to help your subscribers stick with the workouts you offer on your channel. Talk about what you do when you struggle and what you do to stay motivated. Gyms can use this kind of video to share on social media and encourage them to stick to the training routine and membership they signed up for.

Show Your Transformation

If you’re trying to lose weight or gain more muscles, consider keeping track of what you’re doing and filming it. Take pictures as evidence to show your subscribers the before and after.

In your transformation video, talk about why you wanted to go through with this change and how it has impacted your life. Your viewers will want to see a side-by-side comparison and get some advice on how they can achieve the same goal.

Offer Healthy Weight Loss Advice to People

Weight loss advice videos are a great option for gyms and other fitness and lifestyle-related businesses. Provide your expert advice on your YouTube channel to create brand awareness. This way, you can establish yourself as an expert in the industry and give your target audience an incentive to come in and try what you have to offer.

Even if you’re not part of a business, you can talk about your own experiences with weight loss. There are a lot of angles you can go for. For example, you might want to talk about a variety of diet plans, how you lost weight after your pregnancy, or how you maintain a healthy diet despite your busy schedule.